There She Sits....

A poem, I wrote for my religion-class. It's about the meaning of life. Read it and maybe you will understand what I mean... or maybe you will find your own meaning in the text. No matter what, I hope you enjoy ^^


1. There She Sits

There She sits at the edge to her Freedom

She sits and stares but is afraid to fall.

Behind her stands Hatred to watch her dreams.

He knows what She wants but not what it means.



There She sits on the bridge alone.

Thinking about Fear that She so well has known.

She can’t swim therefore She’ll fly

But if She jumps, She fears to die.



There She sits with her feet in the water.

Feeling the Hope who also has taught her.

That hate turns to love when you finally let go.

Those words follow her as it begins to snow.



There She sits and then She surrenders.

Letting go of her life, there is no offender.

Expect from Hatred who celebrates with Fear.

But Hope and Freedom do not cheer.

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