A broken promise.

Louis and Zoe were the best of friends ... right until the X Factor. Louis had made a promise that he'd remember her along with other promises. But will he keep his promise when they find themselves in the same room as each other? ...


1. Swag masters from doncaster

Zoe's POV

I slowly trudged to the 'superman' tree. We used to have so much fun here when we were younger. You might be wondering who I'm talking about right now - Louis. Yes, THE Louis Tomlinson.

We were the swag masters from Doncaster but now it is just him. I often wonder if he thinks about me. What am I saying! He's way too busy for a stupid girl like me! We were best friends from the school disco in Year 4 until when we were 16. Our friendship stopped there. Louis had to go to The X Factor. We called every night when he was in there.

'Soooo, how did it go? I am absolutely positive that you got through to live shows!' I asked.

'Zoe, I didn't get through ... ' He said through  his sobs. ' Erm well I have got to go the judges are calling me through. Bye.'

So, after that, he was in a boy band with Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry. It was the day that Louis had to go back to London that shattered my heart.

'So, as your gonna be famous an all, you have got to call me once a week and visit Doncaster at least once in the next year! Oh and pleeaaase remember me because you know when people get famous they forget their childhood memories.' I babbled on listing all these promises! 'Ok?'

'Ok' He laughed but I was serious. ' Stop glaring at me it freaks me out!'

'As long as you promise' I said with a straight face.

'Anything, JUST ANYTHING. You do realise if looks could kill you would have just killed SUPERMAN!' He screamed. It was actually quite embarrassing! 'Ok, ok. I promise your highness.' He said whilst bowing.

'Just be quick or your flight will leave without you. You know they don't wait for you ...' He rushed to his gate and waved as he ran. I waved back. From then on I haven't seen him except from in my dreams and on the stupid TV. Tomorrow I was travelling to London because of college and I just hope I don't see him. I'm staying with my dad's work colleague. My dad works as a stylist so I'm quite looking forward to it! Her name is Lou Teasdale.

When I arrived back from my visit to the tree, it was 10:00 pm. I had spent all afternoon there. I told my mum I was back and said I was going to bed. After that, I shoved my duck PJs on and snuggled in my bed. My trail of thought weaved into a satisfying dream ...

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