The Unexpected

Lydia Scarlet, a bright 15 years old girl trying to help her best friend, Karen Thorn out who got herself into a huge trouble that could change her life forever. What will they do about it?


1. Exposition

       Let's get started. My name is Lydia Scarlet. I am 16 years old and I'm interested in anything that has to do with music and art. I guess some people can call me athletic since I am slim..My parents lives in Vancouver, Canada. They owned a huge company there. I live in London, England in a house that my parents payed for. Do i have any siblings? Yeah I do. A 17 years old brother name Liam Scarlet. He lives in Rome, Italy. We used to live together and hang out a lot but things changed. In my family, I've always been envy of my brother because of his smartness. He got accepted to one of the best college in Italy;John Cabot University... lucky him. 

    Pretty much in my whole life, I've been living alone. I mean, i have friends. I socialize a lot. It's just .. things changed after the death of my best friend Angelica 8 years ago. 

    It's 5 am, time to exercise. I went to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and change. As usual, every morning, i would go jog around the neighborhood while listening to my iPod to keep myself fit. I wonder what my junior will turn out into. Boys flirting with girls. 80% of them just want to have sex with them. I can guarantee you this, nice guys are very rare now days so you better watch out girls. 

   After exercising for an hour, i went back to my house and took a shower. It's time to remind myself that today is going to be a good day. I went and grab my book bag and quickly start my car and started driving to Mercury Northerner High school. This is one of the top school in U.K. My parents thought I've worked hard to get into this school and they were happy to pay for me to school there. They think it's for my benefit. I don't blame them for that because it is for my benefit. 

  For a person like me, I decided to park near the school entrance so i don't have to do much walking. As i walked into the building, I keep reminding myself; 3 more days then you're out for summer! Suddenly, this one blonde middle aged woman just walked up to me. " Hello Mrs. Scarlet. I would like to give this invitation to you." I took the invitation from her and curiously asked " What is this for?" 

" Well, this is an after party for those students who did really well in school! I know you may think this party is going to be lame and no one will come to this, but trust me, We had this two years ago before you were here and everyone who went loved it."

" Ah, okay it's this Friday right?" 

" Haha, yes it is this Friday. The last day of school! Not trying to be rude, but i still have some invitations that i need to give out so I'd better get going! My phone number is in the invitation. If you have any question, you're welcome to call anytime and i will gladly answer and help! Goodbye!"

"But wait, i don't know your na-"

" Call me Ashley!" 

Then she ran away. Well, okay a random girl just ran up to me inviting me to a party. I guess I should try going. I quickly walked over to my locker and opened the invitation. 


" Dear Ms. Scarlet, 

      You've been invited to the Midnight Masquerade Class party because of your hard work in school. Only certain people that are an over achiever got invited to this. This is one of the best party that you will never forget in your life. Please dress in formal and fancy mask. Wear it when you get in there. Location will be at the bottom of this letter. One advice that you should know, watch out for yourself while you were in there. Party will start at 09:00 PM till 01:00 AM . 

      Location : 1500 Hamilton hotel rd, London U.K 40091


                                                                                                     Mercury Northerner Organization    "


   Interesting.. I guess I should go.

     As Into the school building , I can see people greeting each other and talking about how they will missed each other when summer comes. Looking at them kinda envy me. It has been hard for me to interact with people and make new friends ever since Angelica died. People said I should move on and find a new best friend, but I strongly think that no one is replaceable. Angelica was as nice as an Angel. While everyone left to the playground, leaving me behind all by myself, Angelica stayed with me and asked me to play with her. She gave me the confidence when it comes to making new friends. Sometimes, thinking about her makes me want to cry. I always wonder if she's up there watching me right now.

      Since our class had already taken our final exam, Mrs.Smith didn't really give us anything to work on. We can just sit and chill. Suddenly, one of my close friend Karen appeared behind me; " Boo! What did you get on your final for this class?"

" I scored a 100 on the final, how about you?"

" As I expect from the Scarlet family.I.. well I scored a 95. I could've done better if I study more. So so! Did you get invited to that Masquarade Class Party?"

I take out the invitation that Ashley gave me and show it to Karen. " You mean this? Yeah I got invited. I've never been to one though. "

Karen searches through her book bag and takes the invitation out. " Same here, I got invited.. BUT, I've been there. It's actually pretty fun and I've never seen a guy who is not attractive at the party. "  She winks.

" I am not interested into finding or hitting on a men Karen. "

" C'mon now, you got to have fun in life! You can't just worry about school work! That's what high school is about! Having fun! "

" No, they invented school for us to study not to have fun. "

Karen sighs deeply, " You know sometimes, I worry about you. You don't have to push yourself that hard.. I mean I know that you've been through a lot and it resulted you depression and anger issues. Considering you also have OCD and ADHD,  you can't just torture yourself with work for the rest of your life. At least go to the party with me okay?"

I thought about what Karen said deliberately. Maybe she's right ... but no, I must not let my guard down.Suddenly, I saw Karen making a puppy face at me.  I sigh, " I never said I wasn't going to attend the party. "

Karen jumps up and down and gives me a hug. " I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! How about us, going dress shopping right after school? " '

Dress shopping.. this should be interesting. I already have some fancy dress that I can used for the party. My parents sent me some in case if I need any.. but I guess I'll just go with Karen for fun. " Yeah sure. " Then i smiled at her.


        School is finally over at 2:30PM. It's been a long day and we barely do anything in class. As usual, I go to my locker and organize some of my binders and folders for tomorrow. I like to be well prepared and I dislike rushing.

       Karen and I met up in front of the school building before we go dress shopping. " Girl, where should we go for dress shopping? "

" I don't know... maybe we should go to Macy's? I mean they have some cute dresses over there. I don't really know any other places to go. "

' Hmm.. nah, not Macy's. I've been there for so many times and no."

" How about France De Beauty? "

" This is why I love hanging out with you"  Karen smiles.

          I decided to drive for both of us to go to the store. As usual, Karen would turn the radio up really loud which sometimes.. it can be really annoying but I try to tolerate it.

         I can feel the wind brushing over me as I drive. I thought it is a bothersome so I decided to roll up the window.

" Cause I'm coming at you like a dar- " Karen stops singing along with the radio and turns to my direction. "Aww..  Why did you close the window up? "

" It's a bothersome. I can't drive while having a wind all up on my face. "

" But .."

" Would you rather have the window closed or have us die in a freaking car accident?"

" Okay fine. "
        Finally, we arrived at France De Beauty. The store is pretty colorful. It is filled with fancy dresses. The stuff is pretty expensive .. these dresses are made in France with expensive materials. Karen walks into the store quickly. You can actually see her face smiling and admiring the dresses.

" It's been awhile since I've been here! Oh my, look at that one right there. I want that one. "

Karen quickly takes the dress and go to the fitting room. On the other hand, I am still looking at the dresses, picking which one that I'm interested in. Then suddenly, this one beautiful high low dress caught my eyes. It is black and it had some fancy feather on it. It comes along with a mask.  Dark swan, I thought to myself, this is perfect for a Masquerade party!  So I went and took the dress and went into the fitting room to try the dress on.

    I was lucky that the dress fits me perfectly, I thought. I look myself in the mirror and I actually look great on it. I can't wait to wear this dress for the party! After trying the dress on, I changed back to my clothes and walk up to the cashier. The cashier smiled at me as I am making my way to her. " Hello madam. How are you today?"

" Hello. I'm good "

" That's great!  Oh, look at you, you found such a beautiful dress and it is also on discount. This is a very rare dress to find. Only those who are lucky would run into this." She scanned the price tag into the sensor. The cost of the dress was originally $850.00 but now, it's $550.00 . I never had problem with money before because of my parents but I guess I would be lucky if I was not this rich.

" Well, I guess I am very fortunate today."  I handed her the money.

" Yes, yes you are, here's your dress. I bet a lot of boys are going to hit on you at whatever party you're going to! Enjoy! " 

I decided to wait for Karen outside of the store. The weather is not too hot or too cold which is good. If it's too cold or too hot, I would've stayed inside of the store and waited for her by the door. I finally, Karen walked outside of the store.

"UUHHH I can't wait to wear this pink dress! What's the color of your dress?"

" Black "

" Of course you would buy a black dress. You're mostly into dark colors. The only light color that I know you're into is probably blue or white. "

" Yep. Hey, we should get going. It's about to be 3:30 I have dance practice today at 4 "

" Alright, let's go. "



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