I'll never let you go

Ella is staying at Niall's house on Thursday night when her dad takes her. they get into an accident. her father is dead and she is alive but will she be able to live through this tragedy ? with Niall's love and support we'll see.


9. Weds

Ella's P.O.V.

I couldn't be happier with him. I told him the most important and taunting things in my life and he still stayed.

"Ells. Before we do that, i want to make sure you'll be mine forever. So, Ella Ann Weggs, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

I was beyond shocked. A smile appeared on my face and it got bigger every time I saw his eyes glisten in the light.

" Yes! Oh my god Yes! Nothing would make me happier!"

I hugged him and slipped on the engagement ring. I felt like everything was going to be better.

" Well you better get some rest because we have a very busy day tomorrow."

" Okay." I said smiling.

Then I drifted off to sleep with Niall holding my hand the whole time.

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