Another Ordinary Girl

Emilie Waite was just another ordinary girl. She works at a school teaching first graders and has the biggest crush on the biggest company owner, Mr. Black. But there's just one thing. Mr. Black is married! If anyone found out about Mr. Black and Emilie's secret romance it would ruin both of their lives forever.


1. First day of school

It was another day today, in 1910. Another Tuesday, which means school.  I wore my fancy collared green dress which went perfectly with my dark brown hair and bright brownish-yellowish eyes. I had a smile on my face as I walked past all the gentlemen who were walking to work as well. I carried a bag full of my teaching books and supplies that banged against my legs, but I didn't mind. I was going to meet my fellow co-workers and my new class of kids. I saw the school and swallowed, nervously. I gathered my bearings and slowly walked into the school. I saw the other teachers too, and a few kids. The principle saw me and smiled.

Emilie! It's good to see you" She said and I smiled.

"You too Mrs. Robinson" I said and she showed me to my classroom.

"So, here is your class, you'll be teaching a class of 20 children today. First graders" She said and I walked inside my class room, empty. I set my bag down in the desk and piled out my belongings. I brought my books, a ruler, a pad of paper and a pack of pencils. I filled my desk with my things and sat down as children pilled up into the class room, filling rows of desks lined up next to each other.

"Good morning class, I'm Mrs. Waite" I said and the class smiled.

"Good morning Mrs. Waite" They replied and I smiled before turning to the chalk bored on the wall.

"We're going to learn how to spell really big words today" I said and wrote the word 'Chirstmas' on the bored. I turned back and asked the class a question.

"Class how many words can you make out of Christmas?" I asked, handing out a piece of paper and a pencil. That's how the day went. After I set out for my home, and saw the sun was setting.

 Dandy, just dandy. It's getting dark and it looks as if it's going to rain soon. I walked faster, almost running home when it started to drizzle. I fell and got water all over me and my dress. I sat up and looked at myself, ashamed. I felt tears run down my check, or was it just the rain? Suddenly the rain stopped and I heard the pitter patter of rain against some leather. I looked up to see a black umbrella over my head and a Mr. Black standing behind me.

"M-Mr. Black! What are you doing here?" I asked as he helped me up.

"Well Miss Waite I wanted to talk to you, but you ran out. Is something the matter?" He asked and I shook my head.

"No I was trying to beat the rain home, but I obviously I failed" I said and looked at my shoes. He lifted my chin up and I looked at him as he smiled.

"Miss Waite, please don't think of yourself so lowly. Allow me to escort you home" He said and let me walk under him umbrella.

"But Mr. Black! What about you? You'll get all wet!" I said and he shook his head.

"Don't worry about me Miss Waite, I couldn't let such a fine lady as yourself get all wet could I?" He asked and I blushed. He walked me home and we talked a little.

"So Miss Waite, I heard you have a job teaching children" He said and I nodded.

"Oh yes, the children are just delightful! So smart and full of energy!" I said feeling better,

"Is that so? Maybe I should stop by during your lunch?" He suggested and I shook my head.

"Oh no Mr. Black! I couldn't let you miss work! They're not something to go and see that's for sure" I said and he looked at me.

"I was talking about visiting you, not the kids" He said and I blushed.

"Mr. Black! My deepest apologies! I never knew- I mean. Aren't you married?" I asked and he smiled.

"Yes Miss Waite, but that is not so important. I'd love to escort you home every night if you will" He said and I shook my head.

"I couldn't! I might lose my job for just a thing! And you Mr. Black! I could never allow you and your wife to argue over who you wish to wed! I could ruin your whole life!" I said and he smiled.

"No, you could save it" He said and stopped. I stood there looking at him before I saw my apartment. When I looked at Mr. Black I saw him lean towards me, and I panicked.

"Ah! S-Sorry Mr. Black I'll see you tomorrow!" I said and rushed inside my apartment. What was Mr. Black doing! He's a married man! If Mrs.Black or anyone saw us, he'd be ruined! So why try a risky move? Emilie pondered upon this as she walked to her apartment as she bumped into yet another gentlemen. Peter.

"Peter! I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!" I said and blushed from embarrassment.

"Oh no worries Miss Emilie, you didn't hurt me or anything. I was just on my way to work at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory. I'll see you tomorrow" He said and left down the elevator. I sighed and walked to my apartment.  Was today a good day? Emilie didn't know, but she wanted to. Emilie sighed and took off her shoes and dress, changing into her night gown. Tomorrow I'll tell Mr. Black I'm not interested and maybe he'll leave me alone! That should make him realize what a enormous mistake he was going to make! Hopefully that will fix my problems. I said and sighed. I plopped down on my bed and laid down. I would sort it all out tomorrow. I rolled over and fell asleep, troubled.

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