Beloved. ( Harry Fanfic )

What happens when the royal Princess falls in love with an ordinary typical boyband, harry styles.

Then king won't approve their love, and give up his throne to force the princess to marry Prince Alexander.

" Love or Loyalty, princess ? "


1. - Beginning of our love

Princess Cheyenne  Pov

I'm walking through the garden full of flowers, which makes a colorful mix to the surroundings. Green, blue, pink, violet, bright red, any color you could think of. I pick out a rose and consume its beautiful smell. 
I call out Sela, my servant. Who is the same age as i. 
She only took a short moment to arrive since she is always hiding somewhere for my protection. 
" i'd love it if you pick the red roses and decorate my room with it " i smile warmly at her.
" As you wish princess " i heard her reply as i walk back to the castle.
Dear mother and father are always out of the country to Improve others. They rules most parts of the world as i know it. I'm not sure if its such a good combination because i have got zero time spending with mother and father. Most of the days, i stay in my suite and design. 
I grab a brush from my gold glitery mirrored cabinet and start brushing out my honey brown hair. Then back to designing my new paris clothing line. 
I am also a designer.
Then all of a sudden i heard a noise,
" come in " realizing it was a knock. 

Sela came in with chocolate biscuits in a plate. " your favorite is here, princess " 
" thats kind of you and i love chocolate biscuits but i really need to work on my " i pause myself.
I notice that sela has already folded my work and put in a folder in my drawer. 
I sat there speechless.
" Lets go out and have some fun princess " She grin at me and put out 2 small pieces of paper infront of me. 

" what is this " i pick one of the pieces up. 
" one direction tickets " she declare proudly. 


" one direction? That boyband that sings what makes you beautiful? " i asked. 
" yes, majesty. " 

" sela, i really need to " 
" 30 minutes of getting ready should be enough right?, princess " Sela winks at me. 

Sela Pov

I got on regular shorts and an england flag shirt. I'm 18 so its totally fine to be inlove with a boyband. Since princess havnt been going anywhere that much, this is a perfect opportunity. Plus, i got the tickets for free by mentioning that the highness is attending. 

I been waiting in the royal hallway for almost over 30 minutes now. I guess a part of being a princess is to must look good all the time. Even know she is already flawless with out all the princess stuff. 
Then there she is, walking down stairs wearing a beautiful all white two piece, crop top that shows off a bit of her bellybutton, lace shorts and bottom it off with a simple white florally sandals, her hair is loosely curled giving her a very elegant look. The white on her makes her blue eyes shimmer. I can tell she has light make- up on her. Which makes her skin radiance. She looks absolutely beautiful. 

" I'm ready " she says in a bore voice. 
" princess, you look stunning. I see why you are known as the princess of fashion"  i compliment her.
" stop it you " The princess swing her hand around shyly.
I wish i could be as beautiful as her. 

Princess Pov
I step out of the window as i see flashes surrounding me and big body bodyguards covering me through the whole way. 
Sela lead me to our seat which is in the very front with clear view. 
I notice that the whole row that I am sitting on has only Sela and I. 
" i could not believe that nobody bought those other seats in this row " I'm surprise. 
" thats because its all reserved for you princess " 
Reserved. Oh. Because I'm a princess. What bullshitter created this system. 
" Tell a bodyguard to pick out 25 people from the very back row and place the reserved row for them " i told sela.
Confusion is written all over her face as she starts doing my command. 

5 minutes later my whole row is filled in. Thats how i like it. There was girls who came up to me, get on their knees and thank me, some ask for autographs, some ask for a photo, i love my job, being an inspiration. Thats what all princesses are for. 

More paparazzi, reporters, and interviewers came up to me. The bodyguards are trying to stop them but i command them to back off. Its time I'm back into the society world.

All of them left because the concert is about to kickoff. I sit myself into a comfortable position, my legs cross.
The show starts. The five boys came out. They are all professionally dressed in fashion. I like that.
" Niall, do you know who is attending this concert tonight? " The tall guy with his big hair swipe up says to the blonde hair guy. 
" Dont know, harry you should tell us " guy with a nice bear tattoo on his leg says to him, oh thats his name, harry.

" the royal highness princess Cheyenne! " Harry says, looking right at me.
I stood up and wave around the arena with more than 10,000 people screaming at me and taking photos. Then i stop my eyes at harry. Why am i doing this, odd.
Then the concert officilly starts. Those five boys sings like an angel. But its weird, harry caught my eyes the most. Just how he is. 
During the concert there was times when i just had to stand up and clap, dance along, raise my hands up, scream like those other girls, wave my hands around the slow songs. Best concert i have ever been to, so far. I love this concert. It is really worth it coming with sela. She is a real fangirl. 
" what about you get a picture with them after this? " i suggest to her happily, wanting to return the favor.
" I'm sure i'm not going to have a chance, princess " sela says solemnly.
" You're with princess Cheyenne , what are you afraid of" i show myself off. 

After the show is over i ran over to backstage with sela before the bodyguards would find me. 
Sela was trying to go back but I cant do that now. 
Once we got in backstage, everyone starts bowing at me. I try hard to find the five popstars.
Found them. 
Sela looks at me, embarressed.
" 30 minutes isnt enough to get ready now, are you ready " i wink at her, payback. 
She palms her face. This is great, i just laughed. I have never seen Sela being nervous before. 
The five turn to us and stand on their knees to greet me.
Before they could, " Come on now, stand up " i laugh. 
" its a pleasure to meet you majesty" the blonde one says
Five of them shake my hand and lead me to a chair. 
" well, you guys dont have to treat me all formal. My servant, Sela. She would love to have a picture taken with you five" i told them, pointing at nervous sela standing next to me.
" sure thing " the guy with the cool sliding on tattoo on his arm says.
I can tell Sela was about to burst up into tears. She got about 10 pictures with them. My job is done here as the one direction guys walk over. 
" wait princess " hary says.
I turn around.
" thank you your highness for coming out to our show tonight " he says as he take a step closer. His eyes glow in a beautiful shade of green, his hair flow nicly and his face looks as angelic as prince Alexander. 
I nod. Speechless of what i saw. 

" OMG HARRY STYLES PLEASE CAN I GET A PICTURE " girls approch him as they greet me. 

Harry styles, thats his name. I turn around blushing my way back to the castle. 

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