Come and Get It

One direction is having a break from concerts and are staying in London. Emily and her friends graduated and moved to London. Emily meets Harry and he falls head over heels for her but she wants him to prove he loves her. How far will he go to get her to like him? Read to find out.


1. emily

Emily's P.O.V

hi! my name is Emily and i have blonde hair and green eyes and i am 18 (almost 19) years old. i have 4 best friends and their names are Riley, Catherine (we call her cat), Jennifer (jen), and Olivia. I have a mom, a dad, 2 little sisters, an older and a younger brother. Samuel (sammy)- my older brother. he is 21 and he has a girlfriend but that is not important. he is funny but he is obviously annoying sometimes. Katie- my 11 year old sister. she is funny just like sammy. but she looks a lot like me. she has blonde hair and green eyes like me but Sammy has brown hair and geen eyes. Allison (Ally)- this girl is insanely cute. She also has blonde hair but with blue eyes and she is so sweet. She is 7 years old. Charlie- he is 4 years old with brownish hair and brown eyes. He is so cute because he also tries to cheer people up by letting them play with his favorite car toy. so that is basically me. 1 more thing me and my friends are going to London for the summer. Yay!


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