Skulduggery Pleasant: The Monster Within.

First fan fiction. I dont own Skulduggery Pleasant!

When Valkyrie has been hunted down and struck by what only seems like a monster with fangs her partner in crime does everything in his power to save her. Little does he know that Valkyrie is hiding something much worse and releasing her secret could mean the destruction of everything.


5. Find her.

*General Point of view.*

Skulduggery paced around the sanctuary as he was in a meeting to talk to the elders about Valkyrie's disappearance. Skulduggery had lost her when he was attacked by a army of vampires when he was driving and they took her away. Skulduggery was stressed. Very stressed. Tipstaff walked  over to Skulduggery and said "The Elders will see you now." Skulduggery nodded and walked through into the room where the elders where and sighed as he had to come up with a plan that would save her. This, he thought, Was going to be hard.

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