When London accidentally tells everyone at school that she is dating Kai Enderson, the worlds biggest superstar, bad boy and heartthrob, her world is turned upside down.

But when the newspapers' get involved, everything just gets a whole load worse! Next thing you know Kai's management are contacting her and asking if she will carry on to pretend to date Kai, to help improve his image.

At first London is ecstatic to meet him, but her dreams are shattered when she finds out Kai hates her from the moment he meets' her. In the public eye they are a perfect couple, but behind closed door's they are less than perfect.

London's heart is broken, and freshly closed wounds are starting to re-open.

Kai's facade is starting to break, and how long will he be able to keep the act up?

They may hate each other, but they both need the others' help

But will the cracks forming shatter them?


1. Party Invitations

"London?" My best friend, Clara, asks. "Are you even listening?"

"What? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I say, as I slam my locker close. "I was just...thinking."

 Clara rolls her chocolate coloured eyes, knowing what-or who- I was thinking of. " You need to get over Brad, it's been three years since he broke up with you."

 Clara hooks her arm into mine as we walk down the school hallway to first period. I shrug, knowing full well my voice would waver if I answered her.

 It had been three years since I had caught Brad, my now ex boyfriend, cheating on me with Kristy, now his girlfriend. Apparently my five-foot nothing frame, my plain brown hair and blue eyes weren't enough to keep Brad interested in me for long. When I finally gained the courage to speak to him, his reason for cheating on me was because I didn't have enough 'Spazzaz'. Whatever that is.

  I hadn't been in a relationship since then, not being able to trust anyone. My friends all ways bugged me about it, trying to convince me to forget about him. But no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't forget about him or the moment he ripped my heart to pieces.

Being a senior, in my last year of high school, it was sad how I had never kissed anyone else aside from Brad.

We walked the rest of the way to class in silence, the only sounds being the stomping of our feet, the chatter of our classmates and the slamming of lockers. We reached the classroom and Clara ducked, to make sure not to hit her head on the door frame, unlike me who was short enough to fit into a locker.

I satat down in my usual place with Clara on one side and the window on the other, I loved sitting beside windows they let me escape during a boring lecture and let me daydream about anything and everything. "You know what, London? I'm going to finally get you over Brad," Clara announced. It was now my turn to roll my blue eyes. I'd heard this speech before and didn't really want to hear it again. "We're going to go out, find some cute guys and have a helluva of a good time!"

"It's a great idea but haven't we already tried this?" I asked, I bent down and took my English textbooks out of my bag

"What have you already tried?" I didn't need to turn around to know that that overly squeaky voice belonged to Kristy. I  sat back up and placed my books on the table, trying not to make any eye contact with Kristy.  I almost chocked on the cloud on perfume that followed Kristy around everywhere. "Cat got your tongue, London?"

I let out a little squeak in reply, I wasn't good when it came to confrontation and Kristy knew that fact. " Londons' just fine, and it's none of your business on what we're up too," Clara, almost, growled.

"Well, I doubt that," she replied, calmly, admiring her perfectly manicured nail . "But seeing as your such losers', you'll probably be spending the night at home watching old re-runs of Doctor Sherlock or whatever it's called." I rolled my eyes at her stupid mistake, it's Doctor Who! I knew that she was talking about Brad's party being tonight.

  How could I have forgotten. Every year on the firsts day of school, after summer, Brad held the biggest party of the year.  To celebrate a year of torture and boredom ahead.  I haven't been since we broke up, but apparently the parties were wild and people who didn't even attend the school came to them.
"Settle down class, I know Summers just finished but we need to get to work!" Mr Cristian stumbled into the room, papers going everywhere. "Everyone please sit in your places!" He said, as he picked up the loose paper. Kristy winked at me and walked off, but made sure to knock my books over on the way to her seat.


 The lesson drowned on and on. I normally would have been interested in the talk on Jane Eyre, but I'd already heard it before and couldn't care less. Instead of taking notes, I slowly started to doodle hearts on my notebook as I stared out of the window.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when a neatly folded note landed on my table.

 I looked around suspiciously. I caught Clara's eye and she nodded at me to open the note.  I unfolded the note and read the girly hand writing.

We're so going to the party!"

I shook my head, before scribbling down my message.

We are sooooo not going!"

  I re-folded the message before carefully throwing into her lap. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as I pretended to listen.
 The pink paper landed in my floral skirt again and I carefully opened it again.

No if's or buts', we are sooo going."

I wrote one last message before passing it back.

Swagever, it's like whatever but with swag"

Clara giggled before crumpling it and throwing it to the floor, I knew there was no point in arguing with her once her mind was set.  I put my notebook away and pretended to focus on the lesson, as I started to plan my outfit.

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