Falling For Him (The New Guy)

What do you get with 2 single people, Love. Well this is the story of 2 individuals. Danni, the typical Tomboy and Rylan, the New Geek Boy. This is not the typical girl makeover, where the girl gets the makeover, instead it's the opposite, the guy gets the makeover so he becomes Popular.

So Read and Find out what happens in Falling For Him...


1. Chapter 1


(Danni’s POV)


“Wake up, get your lazy ass out of bed and get ready for school”. My stupid brother shouted “No, one more Minute”, “You said that for the last couple of minutes, Now get out of bed.” “Nooooooooo I’m too tired, annoy someone else like Mum she’s the one that needs waking up for a change, why does it always have to be me for.” “Cause you’re the only one who’s not awake everyone else is already downstairs” “Leave me alone” “Okay if that’s what you want”. “Yes” He then takes of my blanket making me freeze to death. “Oy why id you do that for”. “You had it coming for you”


At times like this I really really hate my brother why couldn’t I just be the only child why did he have to be born before me, why? I mean literally I could strangle him for disturbing me and my pillow. I threw my pillow right onto his face and then he, started to tickle me. What’s with people and tickling? I didn’t even feel a thing because I’m not really that ticklish.


“Oh man, I forgot that you ain’t ticklish, now get up” He walks of. Finally He’s gone now I can get back to sleep” As I hit my head onto the pillow my brother comes back and does the unexpected he throws water all over me making me shiver and sneeze. “Now look what you did, I’ve gone ill, I’m going to die.” “Stop exaggerating you ain’t going to die your just a little cold”. He then walked out and went downstairs.


Once he was out the door I slid off the bed and walked into the bathroom. I undressed myself and hopped into the shower. After a couple of minutes of feeling the hotness on my body, I turned off the water and jumped out of the shower, wrapping myself in a towel and walking out to my wardrobe and dressed in: My Mickey Mouse top, Skinny, my White and Purple High Tops, and to top it up, my signature Leather Jacket that I always wear.


I walked slowly down the stairs trying to not make a sound. Everyone else was in the dining room eating. Can’t wait to see the look on his priceless face once he sees what I have in store for him. I tiptoed to the kitchen and filled a jug full of water and hid behind the kitchen counter. Once I knew he was coming to wash his hand, I got the jug of water and splashed him all over soaking him wet. I was laughing my ass of when I saw the pale look on his face as water dripped down. “MUUUUUUM” I mimicked him and then said “Quiet down man your going to bust my eardrums” “Look what you done to me” “Well you deserved it, next time don’t disturb me and my bed you got that” I smirked. “Shut up and get to school.”


As I walked outside I saw a guy with headgear on his face and these ugly glasses, but me being the normal person I am and not staring at him I carried on walking to my motorbike.



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