Alone in the Dark



1. Battle of the Hill

Tears formed in her eye, falling softly to the ground. She clutched a small silver figure. A small, stick-man on a matching horse. The horse's feet were solid spheres, around the same size. The horseman's feet were pointed. Krystana balanced it on one finger, the points digging into her skin. She taped the horse's muzzle, and it rocked back and forth, with every swing digging in deeper.

“So this is what you want me to do...” She muttered, brown hair swirling in the wind. Four, lonely figures stood on the crest of the hill. She looked down on a village. Fire raged within them, crackling merrily to the beat of her heart. She raised her head, addressing the four figures. “I'm so sorry, I can't stop it!” The silver tarnished, like ice forming, spreading across the shining surface, dulling it, blackening it. It fell to the ground.

Finally... You free me...

A voice whispered on the wind, reaching those upon the hill. A small, delicate hand reached down to retrieve the figure. The masked face smiled softy. The Blank-Faced Rider, as they called it, strode down the hill.

In some way, it was still Krystana. She had, what some would say, multiple personalities.

The dark holes looked up at the small team, at the small blue cat, armour-clad woman, half-clothed man, blonde girl and pink-haired boy. It didn't stop smiling, partly because it couldn't.

It reached into air, a long bladed-scythe appearing in its hand. It held the staff tightly, still walking forward, smiling at the group.

“That thing is creepy...” A voice muttered. It tilted its head, coming to a halt. The pink-haired one pulled a face, taking a step back. The red-head spoke next, it's head snapped around to look at her.

“Shush, Natsu. Of course it is creepy. Why do you think the people were terrified of it? Why do you think Fairy Tail were summoned to stop it?!” The red-head watched it warily, before calling out toward it. “We are Fairy Tail. You have ten seconds to declare surrender, or we will be forced to stop you!”

It was silent, smiling, as always.


It started walking forward again, head still tilted at that strange angle.


Natsu frowned, fire sparking in his hands. The half-clothed man fell into a fighting stance. The blond girl fiddled with something in her hand- a key? The red-head didn't do anything. She just stood, hands on hips, glaring at it.


A shrill call- almost a whistle -rang out.


A whinny caught the other three's attention.


A creature, furiously pounding the ground, cantered into view.


It thrashed around, rearing, bucking. Rage sparked in its eyes.


It came to rest beside the figure. It placed its knuckles on its muzzle. The anger subsided. The scythe was dangerously close to its side.


The masked face turned back toward the people. It held up the small silver figure- now dark and tarnished.


“This thing is just... stupid... Going up against Fairy Tail?” Natsu get a short laugh, flames now blazing around his fists.


It stood still, as if frozen in time. A second dragged by.

“Zero.” The red-head shrugged. “We warned you, now prepare for our wrath!” A deep, blood-red symbol appeared beneath her feet. “Requip!”

The darker-haired man narrowed his eyes, before yelling his command. “Ice Make: Lance!” Solid spines of ice darted toward it. It still smiled, hauling itself onto the horse's back, and dancing out of the way. “What the-”

“Out of the way, Gray!” Natsu yelled, charging forward, straight toward the Blank-Faced Rider.

A sound, fairly close to a sigh, could be heard. It acted quick, its horse turning to the side. It threw the scythe into the air, catching it near the blade, holding the staff like a bat. Natsu was going too fast to stop. He collided with it, his body folding around the wood. He fell the the ground as it threw the scythe up again.

“Open, Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!” The blonde held up her key, which had started glowing. The horse neighed, and charged. Natsu lay, stunned, in the dust kicked up by the hooves. She threw up the key, catching it as it started to spin. Some sort of humanoid bull appeared beside her. The Blank-Faced Rider couldn't quite make out what it was saying, but continued anyway. The bull charged towards them, giant axe swinging. It swung its scythe to meet it. It could hear the girl laughing at its so called 'stupidity'. It still smiled.

The blades met, its own forcing Taurus's upwards, forcing it down back over his own head. It tilted its head to watch the bull, fascinated by the exercise.

“I'm sorry, Miss Lucy, it's just too strong!” The bull disappeared in the same golden light it had appeared in. That was when it spoke.

“So sorry about this... so sorry...” It's head twisted downwards, as if trying to restrain something inside. “Keep quiet, Krystana. I've not finished yet.”

“I think you'll find that you have!” The red-head's sword hilt cracked on its head, knocking it out cold. The last thing it could think of, was how delighted they'd be when it woke up. Now, the question was, would they remember the figure?

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