Professor Layton and the Wounded Past


1. A True Gentleman

"Professor, a letter came for you," called Rosa from the kitchen. Hershel slowly put down his cup and saucer with a quiet clink of the china and proceeded to the kitchen where his letter was waiting for him. The paper was brown as if it had come from the past and strangely enough the stamp had something different about it. A different country perhaps? Maybe the postman got caught in a storm? Surely the letter couldn't be from the past. Or could it?

Layton briskly walked to the phone and called his assistant, Emmy. "What's up Professor?" was the greeting that came down the phone. "Emmy, I've had a mysterious letter come through the post, do you think you could come down here and have a look?" replied Layton.

"I'll be there in a tick," and then she hung up. About two minutes later, the doorbell rang. "That was fast," thought the Professor as he opened the door and let the young woman in. As per usual, Emmy was wearing her bright yellow jacket and her long hair trailing down her back. She made her way down the hallway, into the living room and poured herself a cup of tea. "Emmy can you take a look at this stamp?" required the Professor.

"Sure thing!" Emmy was an expert on stamps along with her many other passions. One of which consisted of taking pictures at every given moment. Good for evidence, not so good for your eyesight. "This stamp seems to be from the 1990s, not sure what year, but it's definitely from the 90s."

"Hmmm, interesting..." pondered the Professor.

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