The Longbottoms

This fanfiction is about Frank, Alice and Neville Longbottom, starting from when Neville's birth.


1. It's a boy!

"Congratulations Mrs Longbottom, you have a beautiful baby boy."

"Oh Frank, he's perfect!" Alice Longbottom smiled at her husband, tears falling down her face. 

In her arms, she carried a newborn, who had a small flop of dark hair on his head and chubbier cheeks than a hamster. Frank Longbottom lifted the baby gently from his wife's arms and he cradled him close to his chest. The baby coughed quietly and his pale eyelids fluttered open, revealing hazel brown eyes. The new parents caught each other's gaze and immediately felt a rush of love towards their son.

Frank took his wife's hand. "Neville?"

Alice nodded, smiling. "Neville."

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