Adopted (Niall Horan love story)

She was 18 and her parents died when she was 3. What happens when Zayn Malik's mum adopts her. Will a certain Irish someone make her fall even more in love with him than she already was? Read to find out!!


1. Intro to Julia!

Hi! I'm Julia! I am 18 years young. I opened my blue eyes on September 14 1994 I know, I know 1 year and 1 day after Niall James Horan!!! My full name is Juliette Lory. I don't have a last name as I live in a foster home but I go by Julia. My best friend is really the only one I can talk to other than my foster mum. My best friend happens to be my foster sister her name is Katy Rose. I was bullied in school and I still am. I cut and have burned myself. One day I heard this song What Makes You Beautiful and I stopped cutting for like a week but started up again after being told that I should die. I am currently starving myself I mean Katie gets me to eat a little but it doesn't feel right eating I feel like I am not good enough for any one my last 2 boyfriends cheated on me. They would call me fat and ugly! They are the reasons I started self-harming. I guess that's enough about my horrible life here's some stuff about me.

Favorite color(s): Blue and green!

Favorite animal:Horse

Favorite food: I really like anything

Favorite band: One Direction

Favorite in band: Niall Horan

I guess that's all you will learn more about me in the story. By loves!!


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