Running is Easier, than Hiding

Avery Summer has to live in the shadows because she is followed everywhere he is trying to get her. She meets Niall Horan after a quick exscape , and he is forced in to her crazy adventure of life.


2. The lost number

Avery's POV: 
    We continued talking for hours. I learned he is from a irish-british boy band One Direction, he is taking a break from the fame to relax and get ready for there tour. He kind of reminded me of myself because he to had to run, with there fans he couldn't hide. He asked me question like "why I was traveling alone?" "where your parents?". I felt bad because I had to lie but it was for the best. I had to protect myself because I had no one left to do it for me. I Excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I left to go I knew there was some thing different about him.

Niall's POV:

    We talked about everything. I told her about One Direction and everything. I still couldn't get much more than a name out of her. She was different . She didn't scream in my face. She was polite and kind.I knew there was more to her than what she was showing. She excused herself to the bathroom. When she left they announced 10 minutes till landing. I wanted to talk to Avery more to see if she was staying in London to see if I could meet up with her again sometime.She came back to her seat and we landed. We got our luggage. and started to get off. I asked her for her number when we got off. She shyly said "sure". 

Avery POV:

    Can I have your number? he asked. I said sure and started to tell him he added a contact under Avery and added the number 673-2. I froze, I saw him he was here in London. I put my head down and started to walk away. I couldn't explain everything to Niall. He didn't need to deal with me and my drama. Looked back to see him with a confused look on him face he started screaming Avery!! Avery!! and chased me. I tried to move faster but with the crowd I really couldn't. I heard it again but this time when I looked back Niall was not the only one chasing me.

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