Things Happen For A Reason....Right?

A young 18 year old girl in high school her best friend may turn into a lover? Something bad will happen with her life, but what can bring this happy young teen to brake her into tiny pieces?


1. Ch.1

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As I make my way to the front gates of school I think to myself ‘this is my last year of high school, wow.’ How did I make it this far? I make my way into school as the crisp morning air hits my rosy cheeks. Hey, my name is Tegan Johnston. I am 18 years old and in my last year of high school. I have long brown hair that reaches the middle of my back. I have big blue eyes and a dimple on my right cheek. Today I’m wearing black skinny jeans with a sleeveless grey hoodie with the words ‘star ships’ on it. I’m also wearing my black converse with a little foundation on my face and mascara on my eyelashes. I’m defiantly not one of those girls who cake it on their faces; I would rather a natural look then a fake one.


As I slowly walk to my locker I see all my friends sitting in a big circle in the middle of the basketball court. There is Beth, Brooke, Rylee, Jasmine and Chloe for all the girls. Then there are the boys Jake, Matt, Chad, Mickey and Ben. It is all finally our last year of high school we are all so excited.


“Tegan! Tegan!” I heard someone yell. I look up and see all the girls run over to me and give me a massive hug.


“Guys I cant breathe!” I say not being able to move or breathe. They all slowly let go.


“I’ve missed you so much, how were your holidays?” Brooke asks.


“Yeah they were good, what about you?” I ask.


“They were really good, I loved it!” She says. I just laugh at her excitement. I make my way over to the boys.


“Hey guys” I say. As I give them all a hug.


“Hey gurl, how you doing?” Chad asks.


“Ha, I’m good, how were your holidays? Do anything special?” I ask. Before they could all answer the bell goes, signaling us to go get ready for class.


“Do we have a meeting now guys?” I ask, everyone just groans.


“I guess that’s a yes then.” Everyone else leaves, leaving just Jake and I standing there. Jake and I have been friends for about nine years now. We are both so close and tell each other everything. I feel a hand go around my waist; I look up and see Jake giving me a loving smile I return him with one. I lean my head on his arm because I am too short and he is too tall for me to lean on his shoulder.


“How are you babe?” He asks.


“I’m good, what about you?” I say, feeling his warmth on my body.


“Yeah I’m good so glad I get to see you” he says.


“Aw cutie, I’m glad to see you too.” I say. We make our way to the hall crowded with teenagers of all different ages. He lets go of my waist and we both sit down. 


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