~One Direction fan fiction ~


1. the girl in the mirror

 you may look at a book with boredom or curiosity but with me im not about the "Books" im about the Books as in people .for me its easy by just concentrating on personality gossip and clothing you may say im popular or a fashion addict or some crazy stuff like that but no im actually the loser no one cares or appreciates my work they don't even know who give them answers on any thing like tests i mean cmon people i don't want to let it be i wanna move away from this crazy ass town i wanna go back to London and Australia or one at a time but i want to visit my family  any way i can most importantly my best friend harry styles well yea i know hes famous and all but hes my BEST FRIEND EVER hes actually my only friend and like a brother to me and most importantly i went to senor prom with him so i can be in peace and have fun but now im far away from him and im almost 18 so i can leave but its not like its going to happen with me . i looked in the mirror and felt like shit but i put on my make up and curled my hair and put on some shorts and a studded t-shirt with a biker jacket and just sat on my bed thinking bout harry  

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