Not my world

In London, Ontario Canada all Jaime wants to do is leave but the idea of leaving her soccer team behind is to painful to think about. Jaime is a 14 year-old girl who lives for soccer, she eats, breathes and plays. Jaime is faced with challenges when it comes to friends and school but soccer is what keeps her from losing it all. What happens when something takes a turn for the worst?


1. A win or a loss?

The air was warm as I chased after the soccer ball, a black and white sphere sailing against the pale blue sky. 

"GET INTO IT GIRLS!" coach Danners yelled at us as the ball, suddenly fell back to earth as gravity took it's tow. The ball thudded hard on the ground and rolled, the girl behind me was close on my tail, but I reached the ball first and swerved it around and passed it to Jessamine. She took the ball up the field as I pulled ahead of her and as all the eyes were following her, she passed the soccer ball to me through the forest of legs trying to stop it's way to me. In the split second it took for the other team to think I had already speed ahead, past the defense now with only the goalie blocking my path to victory. Just as the others caught up to me, I took the shot. 

"Number 7 shoots and.... SHE SCORES! Who can believe it?! The London Jets win for the 4 year running! I can bet you the Toronto Tornadoes were hoping to break that streak! Well better luck next season girls, these Jets are unstoppable! This is Marty Davis, signing off for the last time this season. See ya next year folks!" the announcer said enthusiastically as our team of red jumped on top of me, making me fall to the ground laughing.

"Way to go Jaime! Man it's like you're unbeatable! Glad we have you or the Tornadoes would have creamed us!" Mia fist pumped as the team got off me and lifted me to my feet once more as we all cheered.

"Who are we! THE UNSTOPPABLE JETS! You think you can beat us? WELL YOU BETTER HAVE MESSI OR YOU AIN'T GOT A CHANCE!" we chanted out once more our game winning chant. 

"Alright girls have a good off season but I'll see you back here in a few months for training alright?" coach Danners said to us as we all chattered and grabbed our jackets to cover up from the cold October air. 

"A few months? Coach Danners we NEVER stopping training, you make sure of that with your nightly 'football calls'. Don't worry, next year we're gonna go to NATIONAL PLAYOFFS!!!" I yell out as the team around me cheered and fist pumped as we all laughed and met our congratulating family's on the sidelines. 

"Way to go hunny!" mum yelled at me as I jogged over to them, pulling my curly red hair up into a ponytail as I went. 

"TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE TORNADOES! NO ONE CAN BEAT THE JETS CAUSE THEY HAVE A DOWNING! HEAR THAT?! NO ONE!" my little brother Alexander yelled at the defeated Tornadoes as the walked slowly up to their family's.

"Alexander!" I scoffed at him as I set my bag down and hugged mum. "We don't treat the other team like that or they won't come again next year and we'll have no one to play!" I smile at him as my mum let's go of me and I ruffle his hair and he smiles.

"Well it's true! The Downing's always win! WOOO!" he raced of yelling and high-fiveing the members of my team as he went.

"Good job, short stop." my uncle Larry grinned at me as I hugged him too. 

"Thanks big mac." I say back.

"Let's go gang, this win needs a celebration!" My mum yelled out to the team and everyone cheered, immediately knowing we were all going to the little ice cream shop we always head to to celebrate a win. 

"TO MAX'S ICE CREAM!" I yell and the team cheers as I run down the side of the parking lot high-fiveing each member of our team as I ran past them.

"Go Jaime!!" Dana called as I turned around, still running, and flipped her a thumbs up before continuing running forwards again. I was running faster to the car now, and I hardly heard my mother when she called out.

"JAIME!!! LOOK OUT!!! STOP RUNNING!!" I heard her to late and I moved to the side enough that when to car hit me the impact wasn't as strong but I felt my hip shatter and I tumbled to the ground lost in pain. My vision started to darken. As the pain increased, I could see less and less. The last thing I saw was my mum and my brother's face's, Alexander's eyes wide with fear and my mum's face tear streaked. As my vision darkened I heard two voice's.

"SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!!" the first voice was scared and panicked, and the second softly whispering,

"Don't worry, you're gonna play on this soccer field again, whether or not god wants you to." and then my body went limp and I didn't hear a thing anymore.


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