Get in There

A young girl named Karly wants to do big things with her life. So she joined her schools swim team.


1. DAY 1

I woke up this morning with an idea. I need to swim!!! the schools swim team was trash, but with me on it, we could go p[laces. I could go places. i put on my makeup, throw up my hair into a tight high pony then go downstairs to eat breakfast. "good morning sweetie" my mom says giving me my plate of buttered toast. "good," i say excited to tell my mom what im gunna do. "Im joining the swim team mom, ive decided it!" "thats great dear!" she says smiling at me warmly. "when will you start?" "tryouts are today after school, im going to need you to pick me up after" "ok sweetie sounds good!" i walk back upstairs to get dressed. i put on red wife-beater and a denim vest first then i put on my favorite pair of jean shorts. i have a little trouble picking out my shoes but i go with a pair of white flip-flops. i grab my bag and im off to the bus stop. this is gunna be great!

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