Best Friend Love

Brianna has always been best friends with Louis Tomlinson. She's been there for him through everything especially the X factor. It's been about a year, and now Louis is finally coming home and he's bringing Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles with him. Brianna has always been a happy person, but will she be able to keep a smile on her face when her world gets turned upside down and take a turn for the worse?


1. Coming Home

Brianna's point of view: 
'8 in the freaking morning' I groaned to myself. I heard pounding against my window, normally id be scared of this kind of thing but I've gotten so used to it.. It's my best mate. Louis. We've been friends for like ever, I've been with him through it all. And everything to come also. And yet I dread when he comes home. I mean he pays attention to me, but he's always with Eleanor. She's so nice to everyone BUT me. Like she's always been out to get me. No reason at all... And after a whole year, I FINALLY get to meet the rest of the boys. I get out of bed and sure enough, there's Louis standing under my window, throwing rocks. 
'Oh great your home.' I said. Kind of crankly, that's what he gets for waking me up. 'Ah, and there she is! The beautiful Brianna.' 'Shut it Lou.' 'Hahaha, any way aren't you going to invite me in? I'm freezing my ass off.'
Louis point of view: 
I decided that I'd unpack later, I just had to see Brianna. I've missed her so much, being on tour and all. I thought I might be a little cliche and throw rocks at her window. 'Brianna! Brianna! Wake up! Get your lazy butt up!' And then I saw her. What a sight she is.. Even with her hair everywhere, my old shirt and huge sweat pants. Why does management make me date eleanor? She's cool and all but I don't want her. I snapped out of my daydream, when I heard her talk. 'Oh great your home' I hope she's just as happy as I am...
Brianna's POV: 
'Alright Lou, this better be good. You woke me up early for this.' I snapped. 
'Well than go back to bed cranky.' He replied back.  'No. I can't now, how about you take me out to breakfast and we call it even?' I wink and then close my window. I hope I wasn't being too flirty, he's so happy with Eleanor I don't want to ruin anything. And he's like a brother to me... I can't start thinking about him like that. It's wrong. 
Louis POV: 
She's so perfect. That wink and her walk, she's flirty and wow. I told her I have big news for her I hope she'll want to go. 
Brianna's POV: 
I hurry and get dressed as fast as I can. I put on skinny jeans, my superman hoodie and my red toms. I don't put on any make up because if I did, Louis would make me go back inside and take it all off and I don't have time for that. I run down stairs and open the door to see Louis standing right outside my door. With his big toothy smile, I haven't seen that in forever. 
Louis POV: 
Wow, I've missed this face. 'Ready butt?' She asked me. 'Watch yourself Bri, I'll make you walk.' She giggles, and walks past me I couldn't help but stare. 
Brianna's POV: 
I could've sworn he was just staring at me, maybe I'm imagining things.. He's so happy with El, he wouldn't want to waste his time on me. 
Louis POV: 
She gets in the car, and starts asking all about my tour, her voice. She's so interested in everything I'm saying. 
~30 minutes pass~ 
'So Brianna, what have you been up too?' I ask her as we find a spot to sit at Starbucks. 'Oh nothing really, I've been skating for a while now. Doing some shows. Nothing exciting hahaha.' Her laugh. I've missed her. 'Any boys?' 'Who are you? My father?' She giggles again trying to be serious. 'No even worse. Your best friend.' We both share a laugh and continue catching up when I remember I have to ask her something. 'Are you busy tomorrow?' I asked her. 'Uhm, I think I'm free, why? What's up?' 'Well the boys and I were going to go to a futball match and we were wondering if you'd like to come?' 'Oh my gosh! Lou I'd love too! But is Eleanor going?' 'No, just the boys me and you.' 'Sounds like a blast, count me in Lou.' She. Said. Yes. 
Brianna's POV: 
Did he just ask me out? I must be smiling like an idiot right now. I hope he can't tell. Wow. I'm so excited. And no Eleanor. 

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