outside of the game

Blurb: A story of mario and his friends outside of racing.


1. mario and peach pov of game

Mario’s pov:

Living the life of a plumber is tough. I am racing one minute but the next I have to save princess peach. I hang out with my friends at night when no one is playing the game. We hang out at peaches castle and have lots of fun. Peach has been a friend of mine for years. I have helped her through everything.

Lugi likes following me everywhere outside the game. He is like hey bro want to play pin ball. I am like no bro stop following me. He likes helping me figure out my plans for the games. He is good brother and I am lucky to have him.

Peach’s pov:

You know being a princess isn’t easy. I know I get gifts, presents and shoes but it isn’t all about being rich. I mean I have to live at a certain standard to make sure people are following in my footsteps. I like playing games with my friends like racing. Though it isn’t all fun and games. A lot of the time I am kidnapped by browser. Only two people help me. My friends: Mario and Lugi.

I like having fun with my friends outside of the game. We normally all go to my castle have dinner and play a few games. My favourite is truth or dare as Mario always picks dare and we make him do the weirdest things. For example last week we were playing a game and he chose dare. We made him put my dress and wig (I bought it for this special game) on and run around the whole of the mushroom kingdom pretending he was me. He had fun.

I don’t have that much family around me. My mum and dad left me a few years ago and never came back. My aunts never talk to me. I have one family member in town. My long lost sister princess daisy. I am training her to be like me. She is a princess so she needs to live to other people’s standard. She loves getting to know me.

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