6 Years 6 Victims 6 Suspects

Victoria Carter watched her family get murdered infront of her. 6 years pass and finding the killer has been her main priority since. Will she find him? Or will this case stay an Unsolved Mystery... Just an idea with a One Direction Twist!


1. Chapter 1

Hey so this is the first Chapter of my One Direction/Criminal Minds Fanfic! …it's mostly Criminal Minds but there are some relationships with the 1D Boys and some other characters! The first Chapter is a little short (it's really just an introduction Chapter) but the next Chapter is a lot longer! Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: I Think I Remember…
I ran. Ran as fast as my legs would carry me. People were probably noticing my blood stained clothes but I didn't care. I just ran. I stopped at a corner, not knowing where to turn next. Where would I go? Where was he? I pushed my hands through my hair making red streaks run through them as the blood on my hands settled into it.

My mind was spinning. I felt light headed and dizzy. Images of the moments that had just passed started flashing into my head. My mother's lifeless body in a mangled pile on the floor, my father and my older brother tied together, their screams muffled by a piece of cloth covering their mouths...and my baby brother, crying at the top of his lungs, his face red and crumpled as floods of tears streamed from his eyes, his soft and fragile body was being held in HIS arms.

I stared at the ground as my eyes travelled upwards, his body was strong sleek and muscular as he clutched to my baby brother with ease. I caught sight of his face beneath the black hoody, his skin was a sickly White and his eyes were piercing green, they were sparkling...full of adrenaline, his jet black greasy hair was pulled back into tight pony tail and he had similar coloured stubble surrounding his chin whilst a sly grin spread across his face.

He pulled out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at my eldest brother. Bang. He shot him, my brothers muffled screams fell to silence and my father sat their hopelessly, his eyes streaming with tears. Bang. My father too had now been shot; his screams too fell to silence. The man now turned to me; he had a mad look in his eyes as he tilted his head to the side slightly.
"The boys mine now." he stated, his voice sounded psychotic as he pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. BANG.

I was awoken from my sleep. I sat up instantly; my breathing was heavy as I pushed my hands through my hair before proceeding to wipe the tears streaming down my face. I calmed down a little to find that I was covered in cold sweat. I sighed, as my breathing went back to normal. I picked up my phone from my bed side table and dialled a number. "Agent Hotchner? It's Victoria. I-I think I remember..."

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