The Stories of Whiterun (A Skyrim FanFiction)

I play Skyrim, and I saw the gaming competitions so I decided to give writing a Skyrim Fanfiction a go.

My name is Alice and I live in a small house in Whiteruns. Everything is normal, except when a dragon comes to attack. They attack frequently because I happen to be a Dragonborn.


1. Prologue

My name is Alice. I'm a Dragonborn. A Dragonborn means you are born with the blood and soul of a dragon. Cool? Yup. I get to shout which is strong enough to send people flying (it also sticks me in jail but it's fun). I also get attacked by dragons but I'm strong enough to kill them. 

I live in Whiterun, it's peaceful and it has lots of shops and pubs. It even has a market. I'm not rich enough to go shopping or drinking, but I steal my food. Stealing is wrong, if you get caught. I don't get caught though so no one cares. 

I left Whiterun, I was off to Riverwood to talk to a friend. I got on my horse and spent all morning travelling. I don't like travelling since I get attacked by wolves and frostbite spiders (they're not your average house spider, these ones are huge. Bigger than a dog). 

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