Diary of a Teenage Mermaid

In the end of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Eric live happily ever after, but what comes after that? In this story, look into the life of Ariel and Eric's teenage daughter, a human mermaid hybrid.


1. Prologue

Hi! My name is Ingrid. I'm a mermaid-human hybrid. You probably know my parents, Prince Eric and Princess Ariel. Dad's a human and mom's a mermaid. What do you get when a human and a mermaid have children? Me. I have a mermaid tail like Mom when I'm in the water and 2 legs like Dad when I'm on land. My home is underwater, where my best friends Rachel and Clare live. They're full mermaids. They don't have an underwater high school, so I go to school on land, where my best friends Carmen and Mietta live. They're full humans. Carmen, Mietta, and Dad are the only 3 humans that know I'm part mermaid. Well, here's a look into my crazy, hybrid life.

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