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Ava is a normal girl who likes one direction. One day her older sister gets her backstage tickets to a 1D consert. When she already meets the boys, Harry its the guy who lies her more then the other boys.
Harry and Ava keep in touch after the meeting, and eventually Harry asks Ava out. Of course she says yes. After some few more dates, could people call them a couple. Of course all this happends beacuse of Ava`s sister, and Lily(Ava`s big sister) waits for a thanks, but does she gonna get it?
After some few months Ava finds out something that HArry didn`t tell her.
If you want to know more, read my fan fiction.

This is my first fan fic, so pleasse don`t give me hate and i hope you like. And I`m not english so sorry about my English, if it`S VERY bad.:)


1. Authors Note

Hey guys! 

I`m Angelika(Angie) and I am the author of this Movella. This is my first fan fiction, so i hope you guys like it! Its not gonna be many "Authors Note`s" here cuz I don`t realy like it self.:) If you like this story please like, and comment if it`s something you don`t  like about the story, or if you like something special good.

PS: I'm not English so it could be that there will be some typos ...

Hope you like it!;)

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