Another hall of famer


1. The hall of fame

Another hall of famer 

Watching all the ones you know and love go on there path to the hall of fame to get there fortunes and fame while your just lying there still running around going insane 

All I ever wanted was to be successful at something that matters and maybe get reward or not why does it matter because in life all your remembered for is what you accomplished not who you helped or what your morals were in a hundred years no one will remember your name unless you get into the hall of fame 
They always get talk about all there accomplishments while I get to listen to their overconfidence and i do nothing like a loser crying in the corner while there up in the billboards making headliners 

One day I hope to reach my claim to fame but today I remain the same and all I want to do is go back in time and relive my life one more time hoping just maybe I could make one decision to make my life the one I only dream in 

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