Ice Heart

Expectations, decisions, reputations to live up to and manual labour
that's all Kai's life is made up of. But, that winter, when he meets Myst in the forest will passion be to much for their instant bond, will it even be enough to destroy it?...


1. Kai


It was on a winters morning, I first saw her. Sharp, blue, silver and fresh frost hanging from all the holly boughs and freshly chopped logs around. Snowflakes drifted lazily in a whirl of ice white and glitter twinkling in the bright morning light. I was on morning duty, at the time. Dad had sent me up the hill to chop down a few oaks for him. Well, being the son of a lumber jack meant I was going to take over the business someday and I needed “training up” as he put it.


“You know, son” He would say a cold, dark evening by the crackling hearth, “when I am dead and gone, I will need someone to fill my boots, keep the business running and cash flowing in. And I know…” He would state proudly, clapping his hand fondly on my shoulder. “That you are the man for the job, my lad!”


I would swallow uncomfortably whenever he said that. Because truthfully, I didn’t want to be a lumberjack. I didn’t want to live up to the family name and waste my life cutting down trees with an axe, making myself a path of ruin all the way to my dying day.


My life was all a jumble of hard work, worry and responsibility, until I met her and they were all in the past.


I breathed in the chill morning air and exhaled a puff of cloud that melted away into the sharp, white sky. Crunching hastily up the pale beaten track, I heaved the old wood cart up with me, Snowy traipsing alongside my tense body.


We were both in it together, sharing the same dream of running out on it all and living another life.


We made our way up the rickety track until we reached the forest. Snowfall Wood was always a wonder to see, whatever the weather or season. In summer it was a beautiful emerald green. Leaves covered a deep blue sky casting kaleidoscope shadows and bright beams of light over the dirt ground. Stepping out, I led the old shire horse and log cart through a winter wonder. The snow formed a carpet of white and glimmer under our feet, a fairytale beyond our understanding, the magic of nature. Trees stood still, silent, hibernating in their (what seemed like) dead, naked form. All was quiet, all was still. The only true living souls over the cool glittering landscape were me and old Snowy. Near the oaks by the ribbon of silver water, or so we thought.


She was there, hiding between the tangled branches of glimmer, watching, waiting…















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