No One to Save Me

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, would it make a sound?

If I die and no one is around to save me, would anyone care?

(One Direction/Zayn Malik story)


1. Delilah Rosette

1.Delilah Rosette




Full name: Delilah Renee Rosette

Height: 165 cm

Eye Color: Light icy blue

Hair color: Light brown

Lives in: Pudsey, West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Family: Only child- lives with father

Likes: Saturdays, earrings, tattoos, learning, drawing, music, soft blankets, smell of rain, Ashton, reading, coffee

Dislikes: People, Mariah Drent, father, holidays, fake people, show offs, self-centered people

Other and Random: asthmatic, skinny, dreams of leaving Pudsey


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