The First Thing

The first day of the rest of her life.


1. The first thing

The first thing she saw was the grey sky outside of their window,

black and grey clouds rolled by.


The first thing she heard was the coo of a bird,

and rain pattering, cool and fresh.


The first thing she felt was his warm arm around her, 

strong, and protective at all times.


The first thing she imagined was something quite tragic,

Herself without him, for life.

  The first thing she did was turn up the heating,

The second-to kiss him goodmorning.


The first thing she ate was a slice of white cake

with pristine frosting, and sugary roses. 


The first thing she remembered was her shoe had broken a heel.

It was just another good reason for Daniel to carry her in. 


The first thing she wrote was "Just a quick note

to thank you, for the gift and for coming"


The first thing that made her smile was a photo,

Daniel, fishing at the ripe age of five.


The first thing she said was "Get out of bed.

It's a day of firsts for us today"

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