Kelley's World

Kelleys mother just doesn't care. Not about her, not about her little sister, not about anyone. Except for herself. Kelley has long gotten used to being the mother of the family. Making dinner, looking after her little sister and washing the clothes. She has gotten used to being ignored. But soon, a new boy Jake moves to town and shows her that she doesn't have to be ingored.


1. home sweet home

Kelley walked up the cracked stone path that lead to her front door. As she opened it and stepped inside, the mixed odours of alcohol and stale cigarettes enveloped her senses. She gave a quick cough and walked into her delightful family home. She walked through the mess of her disorderly household, towards the mess of her dysfunctional family. In the living room, her little sister Niamh sat on the grubby carpet, playing with her battered barbies. "KELLEY!" Niamh screamed as she ran towards her for a hug. "Mummy's had another funny turn again!" giggled Niamh. Only four years old and yet even she understood that there was something very wrong with their mother. Kelley sighed. A sigh so deep that nothing like it should escape the lips of a fifteen year old girl. She entered her mothers room. Waiting to embark on the catastrophe that was her own mums life. She looked at the lump in the duvet. Obviously suffering from last nights adventures! Kelleys mum Hannah lay curled up in a ball underneath her grimy bedsheets. An empty vodka bottle sat on the floor beside her bed. She had been drinking. Again. After she had promised her! Lies. It was all lies, time and time again she had promised. Kelley stormed out, violently slamming the door shut behind her so that Hannah would know that she had come, that she had seen what a mess she had made of things.


 Kelley wanted to leave. but she couldn't, not without her little sister. she clasped niamhs hand and they walked towards the local shop. "have you eaten?" Questioned Kelley. Her mother had probably been in bed all day and wouldn't have bothered to feed her youngest daughter. "No." lisped Niamh. "Okay, lets get some food then. shall we



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