I Do -One Direction (15+)

Yes, it's the girl who broke his heart. But he moved on. There is a reason why I left him standing alone, but I could not bring myself to do it? But the question is, do I still love him? Can I go on? Would it be weird if we stay friends? I still loe her, but did she moved on? What will happen if we meet again? Will I ever win her over again,

A big question is about, can lost love be found? Or will she get in the way?


1. Prologue



   ><Two years ago><

              If you had told me that I would get married to Liam Payne, from the famous band One Direction, I would have told you how wrong you are, but here I am about to walk down the isle, where I will be meeting the love of my life . The one that I want to spend the rest of my life with, someone who can make my heart easily melt with just the smallest things he said or did. The One that changed me from my terrible ways to this confident and smart woman I am today.

    I remember that I use to hate him when we were first paired together for a blind date by our managers. You see am An Actress,a singer and a dancer. But now everything he did, it made my heart race.

Even through everything we've been through, tell me why I still have doubts that it's all good to be true?
Tell me why as soon as the doors opened, and I saw him smiling that huge smile of his, tell me why all I did was ran away, leaving him devastated.

Leaving the guy that had the key to my heart on the alter.

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