One Direction SAD fanfic.


1. The Coffee Shop

Amy POV: I walked by a coffee shop in downtown London on my way from the mall. It was the cutest place I have ever seen. It was painted chestnut brown and had little red curtains hanging in the worn out windows. The flower boxes underneath held purple violets and yellow daisies. The air smelled fresh and pretty, like every spring time here in England. The light breeze blew my long brown tangly hair across my face.  My bags suddenly weighed me down like an anchor. And then, I saw him. Staring out at me like a model, getting ready for a picture. He grinned, and I realized that I had been looking too long. Without thinking, I went in. The shop was packed, and humid. I ducked into the long line up hoping not to be seen.


Niall's POV:" She was beautiful, unlike anyone i have ever seen:. I wish I could talk to her, just once". C'mon Nialler, just get the courage! Call her over here! Don't be a sissy.


Liams POV: "THERE SHE IS! RIGHT THERE! I see her. She IS beautiful, Nialler!"


Amy POV: He was looking for me. I could see him through the crowd. His friends pointing at me. It was my turn to order. I got a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin. I slowly made my way across the room. I sat down where i could just spy on them without them seeing me. All of a sudden, I saw my friend, Lucy. " HEY girl I haven't seen you in forever! How are you???" She talks way too loudly. Everyone looked at us. Especially the blonde boy. "Well, gotta go, see ya around!" Said Lucy. The blonde boy made his way over. My stomach dropped. "Hey how are you doing, miss. Want to join us?" gesturing at his table of friends. They smiled. I nodded robotically. "I'm Niall, by the way." " I'm Amy" He grinned. 


Nialls POV: Oh my gosh! She is talking to me! " Well, this is Louis , Liam , Zayn, and Harry." "Ello!" They said in unison."Nice to meet you" Amy smiled.


They talked and talked for hours in that coffee shop. They exchanged phone numbers, and email addresses, and went on their ways. Until....


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