true love?

Valerie's friend Lesley has gotten backstage tickets to meet ONE DIRECTION but it seems Valerie isn't that exited, I mean of course she is, IS ONE DIRECTION! But she is still upset because of her breakup with her EX she can't be happy she can't even act like it! But what Valerie doesn't know is that she might find true love within one of the lads of 1D or maybe 2 of them.




I was kind of exited about meeting one direction later on today, but at the same time all I could think of was Jared,(my EX) we broke up last night but I was still sad; how could it be that we lasted a year and three months and it all was a game to him! I can't believe it, but I have to move on and that's what I'll do! Today I'm going to meet 1D and I'm going To have the time of my life!



Lads I'm really don't feel like singing today u know since I broke up with Perrie it's been kind of harsh! We understand Louis said, but that doesn't mean your life is over maybe Perrie wasn't the one! But that doesn't mean u can't find the right girl, yeah maybe your right, hey where is Harry, Niall and Liam? They went to the store replied Louis



It's almost time for the concert and I was really exited but more was LESLEY she was screaming and yelling, she was going to go to the store for cloths and she asked if I wanted to come, I said sure why not.........? when we got there, I just wanted to be alone so I just went around the store several times, till I bumped into someone, I said oh sorry my bad, he said it's okay don't worry it was my fault, anyways I'm Harry and you? I'm Valerie but most people call me val......... Wait what's your name, I said finally looking at his face! Harry, he repeated; Omg your from 1D right? I said very calm I was surprise I didn't act like a crazy fan! Yeah, Harry said u don't seem much like a fan, I am I said; I'm just don't go all crazy like the rest of them! Are you coming to our concert tonight harry asked, yeah I'll be there and I have backstage passes so I guess I'll see you there Hazza, he smiled and said that I looked beautiful and he was looking forward to seeing me again and that he wanted to know me better he asked can I see u again tomorrow cause I don't think I'll be backstage, oh I said well umm sure outside of this store I said and then we could go somewhere else. okay sweetheart I look forward to it he kissed me on the cheek and left.



As I was looking for a snack I bumped into this beautiful girl she had dark blond hair blue eyes and a awesome body, she was so beautiful I thought I was dreaming we talked for a while and she told me her name was Valerie but that people called her Val, I asked her if I could see her again and she said sure I could tell she was a fan not a huge one but a fan but right now she seemed so sad I just wanted to hug her but I knew I couldn't maybe i'll get a hug tomorrow when I see her, cause I really like her.      







I know that zany and perrie are still together but this is my story well fan fiction so plz read and keep up with it thx 4 reading I will write more later......






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