The Rambo Tales: The Caravan Horses

A series of books i am writing about me and my sister, a horse i really want (Rambo) and my sisters dream horse (Coco).

The Holiday Horses is about a horse and pony on the caravan site we visit


1. Chapter 1

Amy was walking around. Her parents had took her to a caravan site for the Easter holidays, and they had brought Rambo and Coco with them. Rambo and Coco were staying in a huge field. There was a welsh pony called Snowflake and a Brown horse called Barney too.

“Hello girl, you are beautiful aren’t you”  Amy said to Snowflake, rubbing his neck. Barney bites, so Amy stayed well away from him. Emily thought Barney.


Rambo started to scratch the ground, hinting that it was his turn for some attention. Amy turned around to him, and rubbed his head. "Don't worry! You're still my number one boy!" Amy said happily to Rambo. "And now snowflake is my number one girl" she said under her breath.


Amy got out Rambos' riding tack from the back of her dad's truck. First she put on his saddlecloth, and then the saddle. "Breath in" she told Rambo, which he did and hard as he could. She tightened the girth, and then as soon as if was fastened, Rambo breathed out."you don't like that part do you?" Amy said to Rambo. Rambo shook his head and amy laughed. "Come on then, we had better get going" amy said to Rambo. Rambo got a little bit lower, so amy could get on. "Thanks my good boy" she patted Rambo. "Let's go!" And with that they walked on.


Rambo loved long hacks in the countryside. "Rambo, this will only be a short hack today, about ten minutes". Rambo was sad. Amy patted him. "It's okay boy, we are going to go on a long hack with Coco later on". Rambo got excited, and then they headed back to the field, where Coco was waiting for them. "Hello Coco, do you want emily to come yet?" Coco nodded funnily and amy laughed as she loosened the girth and took off all of Rambo's tack. Rambo turned around and hugged Amy, then walked off. Amy hugged Coco, as Emily came through the gate.


"Hi Amy" said Emily, happy to see Coco.

"Hello emily! Come to check on Coco?" She said.

"Yeah, who's this? He is quite cute!" Emily said, talking about barney.

"That is barney, he likes to bite. Rambo isn't very keen on him, but Coco and barney seem to like each other" said Amy.

" you'd better start brushing Coco, and I had better start brushing Rambo" said amy. 

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