Scientific Pshcopath

Science was always my best subject. I always understood it, I was best in my class.
I was a bit of a teachers pet really when it came to science and I had a nice teacher I never would have guessed she was a mental institute escapee.


1. Yes Miss

This tale starts where most others do normality. Complete and utter, teenage routine, boring, normality. It was a week 1 Wednesday period 3 which means science. We are doing the digestive system and as always I was the only one with my hand up but Miss Kegan skimmed right over me to pick on Tarin who got it wright but one minute can i just tell you about Tarin. Hes perfect: longish black hair, braces, peircing green eyes, smart but really really hilarious. like seriously just looking at him was enough to male me laugh. Iove that.

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