its the end of elementry school for these 6 friends. manny, hailey, ethan, liz, nathaniel and cassidy. they will miss cannella elementry and wont forget the time they had there. literally


1. getting ready

cassidy and liz were over at haileys house getting ready for there last year of elementry schools masquerade. hailey was wearing a blue and black mask, with a blue dress that had black lace on it, liz had on purple mask with a purple dress that had silver lines, cassisy had on a zebra and pink striped dress on with a bright pink mask. they all were meeting manny ethan and nathaniel. liz and ethan were going to the masquerade together but were going to hang with everyone else. hailey manny nathanial and cassidy were coming in a group together cause they are loners.....manny was wearing a black shirt and jeans, ethan was wearing a white shirt and black pants, nathainiel was wearing red shirt and dark blue jeans. everyone looked amazing, exept this one kid that was standing in the back of the room. he didnt look firmiliar probaly because of his riped up tuxedo. i really didnt mind him until..................

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