When Forever Ended

❝She was my never, forever and everything in-between.❞


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The act of dying; the end of life.

She was my never, forever and everything in-between.

I stare at myself in the full-length mirror, the bags underneath my eyes, un-tidied brown hair and puffy red eyes say it all. My black tuxedo is in pristine condition, a vast contrast to what I am feeling. I carefully take the delicate white lily and hastily attempt to fasten the small flower to my collar, failing miserably. I hiss at the pain as the point pricks my fingertip and stick it into my mouth.

That’s when I break down.

Right there, in the cold-tiled bathroom within the church. All that I can think of is, why did she leave me? But in the corner of my mind, a voice always shouts back with the constant ‘It’s your fault!’ I still have yet to really comprehend that she’s really gone, not here, never coming back. But the memories haunt me; nightmares take over each night, pretty much making me too afraid to go to bed.

Every time I try to take my mind off it, her face is just there. I can’t help but let a few tears astray each time. It’s really hard to believe. She was here one minute and gone the next. And the crazy thing is I don’t think I would ever feel the same again. She was everything, from her wildest dreams to achievements she had accomplished, and, most of all, her compassion and personality. Her vibrant blue eyes that would light up more than they already were when she smiled, and her dark hair that always perfectly framed her face. She was so much more than a measly word like ‘perfection’ could ever possibly be.

But she left.

Leaving me hardly coping without her soft hands taking a grip on my life and her butterfly eyelashes fluttering every bad thing away. She was my everything, and without her I was nothing.

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