Rozelle is Louis adopted sister, they got along very well but didn't look anything alike, Rozelle has been going to this camp every summer ever since 1st grade but got teased by harry styles, one day she changed and came back for summer, harry started to act different around her, why? Well read to find out!


1. When it all started


This is how it all started, 

when I came to camp the first day, I was popular for some reason until mica, my worst enemy came the  next year and made every one turn on me, I did nothing wrong? Soon after 5 years mica left and harry became the one in charge after, it was the worst year because that was when I needed glasses so I got teased more, then next thing you know 2 years after I got braces and then that's when I got bullied badly, and ever since then it has always been like that. 

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