Summer Trip

Cielle Rovenwhod, Auriala Smith, Kai Alexanders, Erick Simmons, Javenile Lockhart
and Defferson Sebberdatchz are the best of friends. And before they turn 18 next school year. They plan of having the best Summer. But is it all just Summer?.

Read on and Find Out.


1. Karma

A/N: I'll be editing soon.


"Um....Cielle" Defferson says after I close my locker. What is it now? he's acting weird recently. He's been like " Let's go to the beach this summer my treat, Cece". Defferson never calls me that. Not only that but he started hanging out with me, more closely, like he goes really, really close to me. Freaks me out. But well...I'm totally clueless to everything, I talk crazy-talk every time, I go on about how unfair Barbie is to Ken on one episode, I guess. For short, I'm stupid. Idiot.Idiot. Idiot. Ok, breathe in, breathe out.


"Cielle, c-can, c-can y-you" he starts.


"Spit it out, already. What are you nervous about. I'm stupid so you don't have to professional-talk me." I said as I do some motions with my hands. What's wrong with this guy? He's sweating like a melted ice cream in a hot, hot day. And it's not yet Summer, I mean, one more day until Summer.


"Will you go out with me?" he half-screams. Oh God! that saying "Expect the Unexpected" is totally, I mean to the max(imum) true. I am so, so happy right now, he's the very, very first guy to ask me out. I was going to answer him a 'yes' when suddenly a figure pops out, Kai. Then I see him there, doing the combination of his locker. I can't, I can't. I closed my eyes. I don't want to hurt Defferson but he's going to get more hurt when  someday he will know that this beating in my heart, the slow motion, is not for him but for someone else. And what if we broke up? our friendship bond is over and I don't want that.


"I can't" I said, not knowing that it was so cold, not the warm voice that I always have. He was shocked, shocked like going pale shock. Then the unexpected happens he runs away. I feel ashamed, I mean I can feel the death glares of a dozen of girls-who might be Defferson's secret admirers, well not really that secret, they're so transparent. But I know I did the right thing, or did I?.


I started walking, I just want the wall to eat me, kill me, I don't know. I'm so STUPID, I should have text the girls, let them give me advice but I was too dumb, I was too dumb to think. I hugged the books closer. But something shocked me. 

"Hey did you know that Auriala just confess to Kai, I mean she just blurted "I love you, Kai" in front of the whole class" the girl suddenly loud-whisper and I swear it was directly to me. 

"What class was it?" the other girl says also loud-whispering.

"Homeroom" the first girl starts "and you know what, Kai actually smirked and turn to her "That's what I want to hear, babe" it was so...eeeh" and both of them walks away giving their devilish smirk. And that very moment I knew that Karma bite me hard.



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