Let's Pretend It's Not Love

Let's Pretend It's Not Love is a story about Louis and Kim. Johanna is coming into town and Louis has been lying to his mother that he has a girlfriend, but to have a girlfriend, Louis dares himself to date a girl that would walk through the Math building door. The girl just happened to be Kim. Kim is a sweet and nice girl who's never had a boyfriend before. She's not let's say unattractive, but just something about her that makes her very old fashioned. Louis promises the lads that he'll date her for a month and then call it off, but what will happen when Louis's feelings for Kim changes before the month ends. Also later when Tate tells Louis Kim has Leukemia. Read on how Louis and Kim's relationship changes and how it ends up to be.


1. 1.1

Louis: Guess what. 

Harry: What? 

Louis: My mom's coming into town. 

Harry: So and? 

Louis: I told her I had a girlfriend and she's here to see her. 

Harry: Who's your girlfriend? 

Louis: Exactly. 

Harry: Wow, ok um, I can't help you on this then Louis. 

Louis: Oh I know! 

Harry: What? 

Louis: Let's play a game. 

Harry: Ok, what game? 

Louis: Dating. 

Harry: *laughs* What? 

Louis: Whatever girl walks out that door, I will date her. 

Harry: So it has to be a girl? 

Louis: Yeah! 

Harry: *laughs* Ok. 

Liam: Hey guys, what's up? 

Harry: Louis wants to play a dating game since he doesn't have a girlfriend and his mom's coming into town. 

Liam: You're gonna lie to your mom that you have a girlfriend? 

Louis: I lied to her that I had a girlfriend for 2 years now. 

Liam: Louis! 

Louis: That's why I'm gonna play the dating game. 

Niall: What's that? 

Harry: That whoever walks out that door, Louis will date her. 

Liam: That's kind of mean. 

Zayn: What's kind of mean? 

Liam: The game Louis wants to play. 

Zayn: What is it? I want to play. 

Louis: Dating game, whatever girl walks out that door, I'll date her. 

Zayn: Why? 

Louis: My mom's coming into town tomorrow night and she's here to see my girlfriend. 

Zayn: So you're gonna play the dating game? 

Louis: Exactly. 

Zayn: I don't... Louis! Why would you lie for? *laughs* 

Louis: *laughs* I have to find a girlfriend and I'm out of time. 

Niall: Then just tell your mom, your girlfriends out of town. 

Louis: What if she wants to call and talk to her? 

Liam: That's a good answer. 

Zayn: About the game, what if they end up falling for you? 

Louis: They won't, it' just for a month. 

Liam: A month?! 

Louis: No one falls in love in a month guys. 

Zayn: Everyone's different Louis. 

Louis: We'll just see. *turns and looks at the door* 

Kim: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow.  

Jessica: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: *walks out the door* 

Harry: *laughs* Wow, good luck. 

Louis: *fakes a chuckle* No, maybe the next one. 

Zayn: No, you said whatever girl. It's her, so go. *pushes Louis* 

Louis: Fine! *calls after kim* Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* 

Louis: *waves for kim to come to him* 

Kim: *walks to Louis* Hi?  

Louis: Where are you going? 

Kim: I was going to my locker. 

Louis: Are you doing anything tonight? 

Kim: *chuckles* Louis, I known you since the 3rd grade, you never talk to me, what makes you want to talk to me now? 

Louis: Look, I know we never really talked and I'm always a jerk to you, but... I really like you. Matter of fact, I have the biggest crush on you right now. 

Harry: *laughs* 

Liam: *looks at harry* 

Harry: *holds in his laugh* I'm sorry. 

Kim: *chuckles* Louis, you can't have a crush on me, you never even liked me in the past years or last year, what makes you like me now? 

Louis: I think you're really beautiful Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* I'm sorry, I have to go to my locker to put my books away. 

Louis: I'll walk with you. *stands up* 

Kim: Oh? Ok, um yeah I guess you can? 

Louis: *walking with kim* What book are you reading? 

Kim: I was reading William Shakespeare's Hamlet. 

Louis: Hamlet? Oh, interesting, why? 

Kim: Because I can and want to. *stops walking* Look Louis, I don't' know what you're doing or what you want, but why are you acting so nice to me? 

Louis: I told you, I like you; I have a kindergarten crush on you. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* I'm sorry Louis, but I can't have a boyfriend. 

Louis: Why not? *chuckles* 

Kim: I just don't want any that's all. 

Louis: Well, can we go on dates? We don't have to be a couple of anything. Just as friends, can we? 

Kim: I don't know. *scratches her head* I'll think about it. 

Louis: *smiles* Well don't take too long because I really want to get to know you.  

Kim: *chuckles* I'll see you around Louis. 

Louis: Alright. *smiles and walks off* 

Harry: What happened? 

Louis: *laughs* She's smart, she said she doesn't want a boyfriend. 

Zayn: So you're not gonna do it? 

Louis: I am, she said she'll think about it. 

Niall: Wait, so you two are gonna be together? 

Louis: Just as friends, she doesn't want a boyfriend, so I begged her to out on a date with me as a friend. 

Liam: Well I hope it all works out. I mean Kim's a nice girl, she doesn't deserve this fake love that you're about to give to her. 

Louis: I know right?! *chuckles* It seems so real huh.  

Harry: Yeah, it does actually. 

Louis: I'm just a pro. *smiles* 

Zayn: Liam's right, Kim's a nice girl, she doesn't deserve this. 

Louis: She'll be ok, we're not gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend, she doesn't want that, she just wants us as friend and I think I can do that. I can make her fall in love and then easily break her heart. Simple as that Zayn! 

Niall: That's really mean. 

Liam: I don't like that. 

Louis: Well I do and apparently Harry does too. 

Harry: I think it's worth a shot. 

Liam: I don't know. 

Zayn: Yeah me too. 

Niall: Well just don't take it too far Louis. 

Louis: I'm not Niall, it's just for a month. 

Niall: Ok. 

Tate: So who's coming over? 

Kim: Louis. 

Tate: Louis? As in Louis Tomlinson?! 

Kim: Yeah, what's wrong with that dad? 

Tate: I don't know if I want him here honey. 

Kim: He's just taking me out to dinner and the movies, it's nothing serious. I'm not even interest dating him or being his girlfriend. 

Tate: Ok whatever you say, but if he hurts you, let me know. 

Kim: Dad, it's gonna be ok. 

Louis: *rings the doorbell* 

Tate: Ok then. 

Kim: *smiles and kisses tate on the cheek* I'll be back later. *opens the door* Hi. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* Are you ready? 

Kim: Yeah, I am, let me just grab my bag. *goes and grabs her bag* 

Tate: Louis Tomlinson? 

Louis: Yeah, that's me. 

Tate: Are you really into my daughter?  

Louis: Yeah. *smiles* 

Tate: You nevered really talked to her or hanged out with her at all. 

Louis: I know. 

Tate: You made fun of her, what makes you like her now? 

Louis: I'm all grown up now. 

Tate: *gives Louis a serious look* 

Kim: Dad? 

Tate: You two be good now. 

Kim: I'll be ok dad. *smiles and leaves with Louis* 

Louis: Wow, your dad hasn't changed a bit has he? 

Kim: Neither have you Louis. 

Louis: Hey, I'm working on it. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Louis: *drives off* 

Kim: Wow, I haven't been here since I was a child. 

Louis: Really? 

Kim: Yeah, ever since my mother passed away from Leukemia, my dad and I stopped coming here to eat. 

Louis: Yeah, I'm really sorry about your mother. 

Kim: It's ok, I mean, it life, people don't always live forever. 

Louis: But she was so young. 

Kim: 31, yeah I know. 

Waitress 1: Hi, are you two ready to order? 

Louis: Yeah, hi, um, can I get a number 4 and a large, large, Pepsi with it. 

Waitress 1: Ok you? 

Kim: *chuckles* Wow, um, yeah can I get number 3 and a regular Pepsi please. 

Waitress 1: Ok, is that all? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Waitress 1: Ok, I'll be back in a bit. 

Kim: *chuckles* You are serious about your drink aren't you? 

Louis: Yeah, I don't kid here. 

Kim: Louis, I know you, you always been immature. You haven't changed at all. 

Louis: That's what makes me different. 

Kim: Can I ask you a question? 

Louis: *leans forward* Yeah. 

Waitress 1: Alright, here's your order. *sets louis's order on his side and kims on her side* Will that be it? 

Kim: Yeah, thank you. *smiles* 

Louis: *takes a sip from his soda* What was it that you wanted to ask again? 

Kim: Ok? *puts down her drink* You're taking me here and to the movies, why now? What makes you like me now that you didn't before? I'm still me and I haven't changed at all. 

Louis: Exactly, and that's why I like you Kim. You'll always be you no matter what. *eats* 

Kim: So when did you know you started to like me? 

Louis: *cough* I'm sorry? 

Kim: When did you start to like me? 

Louis: Oh, beginning of this year. 

Kim: Really? So that was only three months ago. 

Louis: Yeah? 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Louis: What? *chuckles* 

Kim: Louis, I think you're a good person, I just think that you make the wrong choices only. 

Louis: Really? Well thank you Kim. I plan on changing before graduation. *smiles* 

Kim: That's really good. You'll make a great change. 

Louis: *smiles and stares at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: I'll go pay up front. 

Kim: Ok, I'll wait outside. *gets up and leaves* 

Louis: Ready? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: So what movie do you want to watch? 

Kim: Whatever one you want to watch, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not a huge fan of movies. *chuckles* 

Louis: You choose what if I chose one and you don't like it? 

Kim: Well what I choose one and you don't like it? 

Louis: I have no choice. 

Kim: Neither do I. 

Louis: Fine, I'll choose then. 

Kim: *sighs* 

Louis: *walks in the theater* You know I don't even know why we're arguing about this. We're not even together. 

Kim: I wasn't arguing with you Louis! I was just telling you. 

Louis: *annoyed* Do you want some popcorn! 

Kim: What? 

Louis: *sighs* I said, do you... want some popcorn. 

Kim: No, I'm ready to go home. *crosses her arms upset* 

Louis: Ready to go home? So I bought these tickets for no reason!? 

Kim: I didn't tell you to take me on a date Louis! 

Louis: Here we go again, why are we arguing over some stupid little thing? 

Kim: I solve it. 

Louis: Ok. 

Kim: Take me home. 

Louis: Excuse me? 

Kim: See this is exactly why I don't want a boyfriend. 

Louis: And this is exactly why I don't want to be with you. 

Kim: *upset* Fine! I'll take a taxi home. *walks off* 

Louis: *screams after kim* Fine! *walks off to his car* 

Tate: Your home how was it? 

Kim: I don't want to talk about it. *walks to her room* 

Tate: Kim? Kim! 

Kim: *comes out of her room* What. 

Tate: What did he do to you? 

Kim: He did nothing ok dad, we just couldn't decide on what movie to watch. 

Tate: And you two argued over that? 

Kim: No we didn't. 

Tate: Kim. 

Kim: Ok, we did. 

Tate: Why? 

Kim: I don't know, maybe because we didn't plan the movie ahead. 

Tate: Did you guys at least has something in mind? 

Kim: We bought the tickets, but then... 

Tate: Still argued? 

Kim: Yeah. *crosses her arms* Can I go in my room now? 

Tate: Yeah. 

Kim: *slams her door* 

Harry: How'd it go? 

Louis: Dinner was great, but the movie totally ruined it for us. 

Harry: *laughs* What'd you guys watch? 

Louis: We didn't. 

Harry: I don't get it. 

Louis: We argued over what movie to watch, and when I bought it, we still did and then she got upset and left. 

Harry: Wow, I never she that spice in her? 

Louis: Neither did I, I always thought she was a sweet and nice girl. 

Kim: Louis. 

Louis: Kim. 

Kim: *looks at harry* Can I talk to Louis alone. 

Harry: Why not say it in front of me? I'm his best friend. 

Kim: *crosses her arms* 

Louis: Harry, please. 

Harry: *leaves* 

Louis: So? 

Kim: Look about last night, I'm sorry, here's your money back. 

Louis: I don't want it. 

Kim: No, you paid almost 20 bucks for the stupid tickets that we didn't even use, plus dinner, so I'm paying you back 50. 

Liam: *walks by and hears kim and Louis talking* 

Louis: I really don't want your money Kim. 

Kim: And you act like I wanted to use your money?! I don't use people's money, I said I'll pay you back and I am, so here take it. 

Louis: What's up with you? You're not the innocent and sweet girl I know. 

Kim: I am ok, it's just that people like you are very annoying and it's irritating me! 

Louis: I'm annoying and irritating? 

Kim: Yeah, you are Louis. 

Louis: *laughs* How so? 

Kim: Look, are you gonna take the money or not! 

Louis: *takes the money*  

Kim: *leaves* 

Liam: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: *ignores liam and leaves* 

Liam: That was rude. What happened? 

Louis: Nothing Liam. 

Liam: 50 bucks? What'd you buy her? Shoes and purses? 

Louis: No, it's nothing, but I know she likes me Liam. She's trying to play hard to get. 

Liam: I never really saw that side of her. 

Louis: Yeah me neither, I kinda like it. 

Liam: Really? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Zayn: Kim. 

Kim: Zayn? *crosses her arms* What's up? 

Zayn: How'd the date go with Louis? 

Kim: It was great, I mean, we didn't really do much, but it was great. Why? 

Zayn: Do you like him? 

Kim: Do I like him? Um, not that I know of, why are you asking? 

Zayn: Just asking, I'll see you around. 

Kim: Ok, bye. *walks off* 

Zayn: Guys, guess what. 

Liam: What? 

Zayn: So I talk to him. 

Louis: When? 

Zayn: Just now. 

Louis: Tell me, what she say? 

Zayn: Well I asked her how the date went and.... 

Louis: Wait, you asked? 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Louis: Why? 

Zayn: Just listen, she said it was great, even though you two didn't really do much, she thought it was great. 

Louis: Really? 

Zayn: Yeah, and I asked her if she liked you and she said not that she knows of. 

Harry: So you think she's lying?  

Zayn: I don't know. 

Harry: She said the date was great, but doesn't know if she likes Louis? 

Louis: You know what I just remembered? 

Liam: What? 

Louis: My mother's coming into town tonight and I still haven't found a girlfriend. 

Harry: Just go talk to Kim again. 

Louis: I'm gonna talk him in. 

Liam: She just told you off Louis. 

Zayn: She did? 

Louis: Not really. 

Jessica: Hey Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Jessica. 

Jessica: Are you doing anything tonight? 

Kim: No, not that I know of. Did you want to hang out or do something? 

Jessica: Yeah, I wanted to go watch a movie with you. 

Kim: Oh? *scratches her head* I don't like movies. 

Jessica: You haven't stepped out of the house to watch a movie since your mom passed. 

Kim: I was there yesterday actually. 

Jessica: Really? Who'd you go with? 

Kim: Louis. 

Jessica: Louis?! That hot guy in that one group!? 

Kim: He's not hot Jess, trust me, he has issues and just really bad attitude. 

Jessica: I'm sure he's not that bad. How was it? 

Kim: We didn't even watch it, he argued and I took off.  

Jessica: Why? I would have stayed. 

Kim: I hate him Jess, he's annoying and immature, really irritating guy. 

Louis: Kim. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* What Louis. 

Jessica: Hi Louis. *smiles* 

Louis: Leave. 

Jessica: *stops smiling* Oh, ok, I'll see you later Kim. *leaving* 

Kim: Yeah, I'll see you later. What do you want? 

Louis: I want to apologize about last night and earlier. 

Kim: Ok? *crosses her arms* 

Louis: I want to give us a second shot, what do you say? 

Kim: Why do you want to go on these dates with me?  

Louis: I just want something to do with you since you won't be my girlfriend. 

Kim: I don't want to be your girlfriend Louis. 

Louis: And you don't have to. Look, just be with me for the rest of this month. 

Kim: Be with you for the rest of this month? Louis, I can't. I'm not interest in you. 

Louis: I'm just asking you to be my date; I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend or asking you to marry me. 

Kim: I don't know, I'll, I'll think about it. 

Louis: *chuckles* Again? 

Kim: What do you mean? Look, do you really like me? 

Louis: Ok, I'll just tell you the truth. I been talking to my mom and telling her I have this amazing girlfriend and that we been together for 2 years. She's coming into town tomorrow for Christmas and to see my girlfriend, but the thing is, I don't have a girlfriend and I need someone to be my girlfriend until she leaves at the end of this month. 

Kim: So you're asking me? 

Louis: Yeah because you're a nice girl Kim. She'll like you. 

Kim: Ok, fine, but promise me one thing Louis. 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: You just want me to be your girlfriend for the rest of this month right? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: So that means, we're gonna go winter formal and all those things correct? 

Louis: Yes! Exactly that. 

Kim: Ok that's fine with me, but you have to promise me something. 

Louis: Ok. *smiles* 

Kim: You have to promise me that you won't fall in love with me. 

Louis: *laughs* That's an easy thing to do because I don't even have a crush or like you. *smiles* 

Kim: You're very annoying. *walks off annoyed* 

Tate: Where are you going now? 

Kim: Dad, I'm meeting Louis and his mom. 

Tate: I thought you didn't want to see him anymore? 

Kim: I lied, I was just upset. 

Tate: Honey. 

Kim: Yeah? 

Tate: I'm not gonna stop you from having your fun because of your reason, but please be careful. 

Kim: Dad, I'm not gonna do any drugs or anything I know my condition. 

Tate: Ok, just double checking. 

Louis: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *smiles* Bye. *leaves* 

Louis: *smiles* Ready? 

Kim: Yeah I'm ready. 

Louis: *opens the door for kim* 

Kim: *gets in the car* You didn't have to.  

Louis: *goes to the driver side and starts the engine* I know. *drives off* 

Kim: Ok before we go in there, what am I doing or sayin? 

Louis: Say anything, but just don't say that we just met, say we been dating for two years.  

Kim: Two! 

Louis: I told my mom you were an amazing girl. 

Kim: This is so wrong, take me back. 

Louis: You can't! My mom's already at my place. 

Kim: *sighs* What did I get myself into. 

Louis: Tell me about it. 

Kim: Why would you lie to your mom about having a girlfriend? 

Louis: I don't know because I didn't want to make it look like she has a son who's a loser. 

Kim: Well you're not, you just have to mature a bit. 

Louis: Thank! *parks the car* Mom!  

Johanna: *comes out from the kitchen* Louis! *hugs Louis* Oh I'm so happy to see you home. The boys have been really entertaining and hilarious. 

Louis: Of course they are, mom, you remember my girlfriend right? 

Johanna: *gasp* She's beautiful Louis. Yes, I remember you telling me you have a girlfriend; she is very beautiful and lovely. How long have you two been together now? 

Kim: *smiles* Two years. 

Johanna: Aw, you are so beautiful honey. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckles uncomfortably* Thank you. What are you guys making? Do you guys need any help? 

Louis: Babe, why don't you tell my mom about our camping trip that we are planning? 

Kim: We are?  

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: Oh yeah. *chuckles* Louis and I are going camping this summer, you should come. *smiles* 

Louis: *walks behind and nods no* 

Kim: I mean, if you want, it's just really me and Louis going to spend some time alone away from everyone. 

Louis: *interrupts* Yes! Kim and I are going camping this summer, just the two of us. You'll probably be busy so you'll probably can't come. 

Johanna: I can come, I'll come. 

Louis: No, it's ok mom. You know, we might not even go, we'll probably be too busy getting ready for college. 

Kim: Yes, exactly. 

Johanna: Aw, bummer, well if you two do go have fun ok babies. 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kim: I'm gonna go use the restroom. *looks at Louis* 

Louis: It's down the hall. 

Johanna: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: We just moved her not to long ago. 

Johanna: Really? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Johanna: Doesn't look new. 

Louis: Yeah, because it's been like 5 months now. 

Johanna: And she never been here? 

Louis: Mom, Kim's really into school. 

Johanna: That's good, I really like her son. When do you plan on marrying her? 

Louis: Um, whenever she's ready. 

Kim: Ready for what? 

Johanna: I was just asking my son when you two are gonna get married. 

Kim: Married? *fakes a chuckle* I don't plan, I mean not until I'm done with college. 

Johanna: Oh, can you wait that long son? 

Louis: Of course I can, I can even wait longer to marry her. *chuckles* 

Kim: I'm gonna go look if they need any help in the kitchen. *walks into the kitchen* 

Zayn: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *sighs* What the hell just happened. 

Zayn: *chuckles* You'll be ok. 

Kim: Do you need any help? 

Zayn: No, I got it. 

Kim: I'm just gonna sit here. 

Johanna: *walks into the kitchen* Well, I'm gonna shower up, I'll see you in a bit ok Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I'll be here. 

Johanna: *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: *walks into the kitchen* My mom really likes you. 

Kim: I can see that, too bad we're not really "together". 

Louis: Sucks, she would have really loved you as her daughter in law. 

Kim: Louis, you don't even like me. 

Louis: Do you like me? 

Kim: *silent* I don't know, you're not actually bad looking, but I can't be with you still. You're just really... 

Johanna: I forgot my water bottle. *chuckling* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* 

Louis: Mom, do you really need that? 

Johanna: Yes Boo bear, I am thirsty. 

Kim: Manners, he has no manners at all. 

Johanna: He'll always be my baby no matter what though. *smiles* Ok, see you guys in a bit. *leaves* 

Louis: I'm just really what again? 

Kim: I forgot what I was gonna say. 

Liam: Well, the food is almost done. 

Louis: Great. 

Kim: *helps set up the table* 

Johanna: It smells really good. 

Kim: The foods ready. *smiles* 

Johanna: *sits down* Wow, would you look at all these food. 

Louis: The lads did a great job. 

Niall: Kim, why don't you sit with Louis, I'll sit with Johanna. 

Johanna: You can sit next to me Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* I'll sit with Louis. *goes and sits next to Louis* 

Louis: *looks at kim and fakes a smile*  

Kim: *smiles annoyed* 

Johanna: Just look at you two, you two are perfect for eachother, very cute and happy together. 

Louis: *grabs kims hand* Yes, we're very happy together. *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at Louis and smiles* Yeah, we are. 

Louis: *randomly kisses kim* 

Kim: *moves back a bit in shock* 

Louis: *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* 

Louis: I love you babe. *smiling* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* I, I love you too Louis. 

Harry: *grabs liams water and drinks it* 

Liam: That was my water Harry. 

Harry: *coughs and laughs* 

Niall: Ew. *grabs the napkin and wipes his face* 

Zayn: Harry, that was gross. *laughs* 

Harry: *laughing* I'm so sorry Niall. 

Niall: *disgusted* It's ok. 

Johanna: *laughing* Aw, you guys haven't changed a bit. 

Zayn: *wipes nails face* 

Niall: I got it Zayn. 

Louis: *puts his hand out* 

Kim: *confused* 

Louis: *gives kim the signal* 

Kim: *grabs louis's hand* 

Louis: It's getting late, I'm gonna take Kim home. 

Johanna: No, stay for a bit honey. I want to talk to you. 

Kim: Yeah, I guess I can stay for a little longer, not that school is important. 

Johanna: 30 minutes won't hurt honey. 

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* I'll stay and talk to you. 

Louis: *lets go of kims hand* 

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Johanna: Come join me over guys. 

Louis: After you. 

Kim: *walks in front of Louis* 

Johanna: So what do you plan on doing with Louis for Christmas? 

Kim: Um, I don't know. 

Louis: Mom, that's kind of personal don't you think? Kim and I will decide what to do on Christmas, we might just hit up the teens party or enjoy a day together just me and her. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, we can do that. 

Louis: *smiles* 

Johanna: I can't stop looking at you two, you two are just so perfect for eachother. 

Louis: *fakes a laugh while texting zayn* 

Johanna: Who are you texting at this time Louis? 

Louis: *puts his phone away* No one. 

Zayn: It's late, don't you think Kim's father would be upset if she's not home before midnight? 

Louis: Yeah, let me take you home babe. 

Kim: Yeah, it is getting really late. 

Johanna: It's only 11. 

Kim: We're in high school. 

Johanna: That's right, well can I get a hug then honey? 

Kim: Yeah. *hugs Johanna* 

Johanna: I'm seeing you tomorrow again right? 

Kim: *looks at Louis* Of course you are. *smiles* 

Louis: Mom, she'll be here as much as she can. She doesn't always have to be here because you are here. 

Kim: Louis. *chuckles* It's ok, it's fine. 

Louis: Let's go. *walks off*

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