Time wasting (a one direction fan fic?)

Obviously this movella is about time wasting there is not really A point of view just me memories.


1. Intro...passing memories

         Wasting time, watching the clock as the minute hand slowly turn. Memories of all the good times flow back and circle throughout my head. Memories of when we were sixteen. As I began to fall back into reality noticing ... This is real life only good things come to those who wait. It was the summer of 2009 I have to agree it was indeed the best time of my life. He has now moved on. I have not heard from him cense. Do you know the feeling? Being left alone, deserted? Left for a career. I dragged my lawn chair out side, sat down and put on my sunglasses and l put my head back and watched the passing memories  go by.




Hey this is just a short beginning to start me off I couldn't really start it off because here its 9:22 and its a school night if you want more please comment I greatly appreciate it :) Yeah now looking at it its realllllly short oh well more for tomorrow. I'm  a amateur so it seemed like a lot :/ I PROMISE I will try harder :))))


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