heart attack

ash and natalie only knew each other for two month. they knew each other when ash started to work part time as the school to tuition car-driver. natalie started to like ash when he first met ash. will ash feel the same? or natalie was just another school girl that he picked up everyday?


1. first day going to tuition

"oh well. so this is it. aha!"

natalie mumble as she was waiting for the car driver to come. its a bit scary for her because this is her first experience. 

"great ! its been almost half an hour right now." nat said after she looked at her watch. 

"im so gonna call the center. this is way too long." she took out her phone and dialled the center number.


"hello. yes?"

"miss, when will the driver arrived? i mean i've waited for almost half an hour. im going to be late if he didn't pick me up right now."

"he didn't arrive yet? wait. i'm going to call him."    'he?' 

"oh okay then. uhm by the way, what car did he use? and the colour?"

"its traget and its blue."

"oh okay thank you miss."

"okay sorry because he late. im going to ask him to take you right away. just wait okay."

"okay. thank you and bye."


she end call the conversation.


suddenly, after ten minutes, there's a blue car stop in front of her. nat was a shy girl so she tell her friend, julie, to help her ask if the car is the right car that will take her to the tuition centre.

julie open the door. "hi. is this the car that will take nat to the tuition centre?"

"hmm yeah. sorry for being late."

"oh god, finally." nat interupt.

"im sorry because i didnt notice that you've asked to be picked up at 2 p.m. hehe" the driver said.

"oh well, thats alright. but, im seriously going to be late now."

"im so sorry. hehe. but now we have to wait for another five minutes because there's another two girls."

"what? hmm okay then. i'll wait outside."

"okayy. im sorry."

natalie close the door.

"he's hot." julie said.

"awh julie, he's my driver."

"but he's hot."

"haha okay i agree with that actually. hahaha"

suddenly theres two girls coming towards them.

"come in." the driver said with a beautiful smile.

the situation in the is a bit awkward. because no one's talking. only the radio. but the journey's not taking a long time though. only about 10-15 minutes.

"okaay we've arrived." the driver said looking at nat.

nat was the first person to go out but he wait for the rest to come out because it is some kind of manners. 

"bye awak." the driver said to nat.

[awak in english means you. it is the most polite one. awak always been use among the nerdies or couples.]

nat was shocked and she can feel butterflies in her belly. she smiled at the ground and went into the center following the others.

she keep thinking about how beautiful the driver's smile and the way he hold the steering. "his fingers are cute." she smiled.













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