Dawn and twilight


1. Dawn and twilight

It's begun to dawning  the sun start to rise at the horizon, I opened the window to catch that moment of fresh morning dawn, Now that everything is still quiet, mystical Just a half hour, and you'll wake to hug and kiss me, darling I know it's so every morning. The day was beautiful and sunny, the two of us our love and tranquility.  


I sighed and said to myself: if only this lasts forever. As usual you are got ready and went to work, and I continued with my usual activities. It's been a noon I made  your favorite meal, since you're supposed to come in a few minutes. With a smile and with love I set the table, picked flowers, fragrant red roses,        

 I accidentally be stung on rose thorn,  it's began to leak blood, suddenly caught me wind of shudder, The phone rang, so I ran and I thought, surely calls to tell me how it will be late, I picked up the phone and heard a male voice asked me, are you Mrs. Smith I said that I am, unfortunately, we have very sad news for you, your husband has had an accident and died on the spot. I knelt down on my knees I was overwhelmed by shudder and the terrible fear. I started to shout that this is not true I argued that it must be someone else, that's got to be a mistake. I immediately went to the hospital and entered the morgue, medical examiner lifted the sheet, I looked and saw that it was him,  my beloved, my favorite my whole life crashed I fell into unconsciousness, and then, I do not remember anything anymore.  
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