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1. Prologue

The day was a normal one. People were at school or maybe work. The world was calm, or as calm and normal as usual. When the news came of an attack on the capital, not only D.C. but also the capital of every other leading nation in the world, people could hardly believe what they were hearing on the radio or watching on the news. They treated it like they did 9/11. Disbelief and confusion mixed with horror. Who would attack us? The disbelief rose when word got out that this attack wasn`t from North Korea or Russia or anywhere on Earth. This attack was from a place far away. People panicked. Suicide rates soared into the thousands as the fear of the unknown killed people from the inside out. Half the war was fought in peoples` minds before the aliens even entered Earth`s atmosphere. That is their way. The way of the aliens. Or as they came to be known as, the Cinn Olc. 

The Cinn Olc aren`t little green beings with huge eyes that want to prod you with a stick. The Cinn Olc have spent years watching. Waiting for the day when they can take the Earth. The one thing standing between them and this planet  was us. They planned how to demolish us for they knew we have a way with pulling out of something when the odds aren`t in our favor. They knew that we have a way of pulling together and forgetting our differences to join in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. 

They waited patiently as years passed. They waited for the day when they could take the Earth. That day has come. The minute they appeared in our galaxy, we were doomed. Their weapons are far beyond anything we can fight. When they set their spider-like legs on our land they began picking us off one by one. Their strategy was to use our weakness, our hope. The Cinn Olc can`t feel hope. They can`t feel regret. And they can`t feel pity. They mercilessly are wiping us off this planet. We have no hope left. All are gone or will soon be. Asia has fallen. Communications with Africa was lost an hour ago. We are swiftly fading. We are quickly falling. The Cinn Olc have come.

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