A girl named Star was bullied and abused . Her father died in a terrible plane crash . Her mum decided to marry another man . A man who abused her but threatened her if she told her mum . One night her mum was hit by a car but didn't survive . Now it is just her and her step father .


1. Escaping

Hi , My name is Star . I am 19 years old . I know what you're thinking . I should've moved out by now . I would've but my step father just won't let me .

Star's P.O.V

'Star! I know where you are! No reason to hide!" My evil step father yelled from the kitchen .

I am in my room . Packing before he gets here . I HAVE to leave . I don't want to be abused any longer .

I hear footsteps walking towards the door . I grab my last few things and a locket with a picture of my mum and I in it . She gave it to me before she died .

I dart out my window . Luckily this is a 1 story house . I run . Not looking back . I run til my sides hurt . Which wasn't long since i have asthma . Good thing I brought my inhailer .

I hear him yelling behind me . He's chasing me . Once I got farther away from him I hid behind a bush .

"YOU BETTER GET BACK HERE!" He yells , carrying a sharp knife and a belt with him .

I think I lost him . I found a park to rest at . I look at my watch . UGH . It's mid-night . I found a little cave on the toy set so I set my stuff down .

I packed clothes , 3 water bottles , some food (chips , canned food , fruit) and my phone . That I was even lucky to have . I was thirsty so I drank some water . I better make it last .

I was tired and worn out . I tried to stay awake but i just couldn't . I fell asleep .


HEYYYY . Sorry if it is short . I will make more c:



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