On the run (A Temple Run Fan Fiction)

We have all played Temple Run. Well what if Guy Dangerous only wanted to swap his life for just as little as a day in our world? What if the monkeys invented him a Birthday present that can do just that? and What if there was the risk that if whilst he was gone the app could update leaving him human and the girl he swaps with a fictional character in a game? Would he take the risk? and if so what would happen?


1. Countdown

Guy's POV-


'Hey Scarlett' 

'Yeah Guy' 

'Whose on the run today?'

'Um... I'm not sure yet I think the only ones that she has unlocked is... well you, me, Karma and Francisco. She always changes character everyday anyway so no one ever knows'

I nod, and turn 'I'm going to talk to the monkeys, make sure they don't actually kill us' I give out a light chuckle, as if the monkeys would, they are our best friends, always have been always will. It's a short walk from our hideout to the temple.

The monkeys rarely leave their hideout, unless there's a game on where one of us have supposedly stole the statue that they worship so much. The thing is they have two, the real one and the game one. I have to visit the monkeys, they have been acting strange lately, they have been conjuring up some plan, yet they won't let out what, they said they will reveal all tonight. That should be fun.

I'm the main character in this game, well the starter character, I'm just used until one of the others are unlocked, but there are a few who keep me. My name's Guy, Guy Dangerous. It's not a name that I picked, but instead the name the game makers gave me. If they really knew me, without all the background they created, then my name would be something like Gary not Guy. This life, I wish I could swap it for a normal day, as a normal guy. 

'Monkeys' I spoke, were they hiding?

'oo oo ah Guy, what brings you oo here oo ah' 

'wanted to see what your planning'

'well I guess it's ready so..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' all the monkeys cheered, pulling a large black silk sheet of a large guy shaped object.

'Wh-what is it?'

'It will allow you to swap your entire life with a human for 48 hours'

'and what happens to the human?'

'well you swap so they would live in the game as you so you would play the game and they would be the character'

'wouldn't that fault the whole system?'

'no only our game unless there was an update, which would possibly result in... well you would be human forever'

My eyes widened in shock as I strode forward stepping into the machine, setting the dial, and pulling the lever, '3....2.....1.....Swap downloading' , my whole world went blank.


Katie's POV-


'OH MY GOD, I only just got this game I am NOT addicted!' I screamed at my Mum who was blaming me for being to addicted to this new game, Temple Run.

I slammed my door shut. I couldn't be bothered with this. I checked over my dirty blonde hair and make-up in the mirror before heading over and collapsing onto a heap on my bed, I was tired, but I bet I could relieve my self by playing a quick game of Temple Run, try and beat my hi-score.

I picked up my I-Phone and started to play,who was I going to pick, Scarlett, Karma, Francisco or Guy. Guy was pretty boring, but he was the original, the best. As I went to click his character I heard a soft whir coming from inside my head, my vision got blurry and everything went dark.


A/N- hey guys please comment I'm entering into that gaming competition and I hope you guys like it I'm kinda new to this so please COMMENT!!!


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