Secrets Exposed

Alexis seems like a regular girl. But none knows who she really is. No one knows what her secrets are. Her secrets are secrets that can change everything. What will happen when her secrets are exposed? Who exposed her secrets? What are her secrets?


1. who i am

Alexis' P.O.V

I am Alexis. I am blonde. I have blue eyes. I have secrets. Not one. Not two. But a lot. Possibly a hundred. No one knows my secrets. NNo one should know my secrets. It can change everything is they knew. People think I am ordinary. People think I am normal. People think I am a smart and nice girl. No one knows me. I am different. I think I am cruel. I can't control myself sometimes. Other times I act normal but I think about how guilty I am. I am not normal and I never will be able to be normal and no one can ever change that because no one will ever know who or what I am. I don't even know. I don't know anything. Do I have a family? I dont know. My last name? I don't know. Where I live? I don't know. What I ate yesterday? I know and yet I don't. You think I am joking well I wish I was. I wish I was smart. I wish I was nice. I wish I was pretty. I wish I was normal. I wish I was anyone but me. I hate me, myself, and I.

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