My l Lil' Ol' Book a ME

Completely stolen from Calliope In Wonderland.(.who's absolutely amazeballs if I do say so myself..) Uumm yeh just a wee bit about me,my daily life, won't be a diary I promise, I hope... heh heh hi :3 If you're still reading this congrats.. oh and gues what!!



1. Day in the life of moi :3



I wake up in the mornin' (feelin llike P Diddy) and realise I've fallen asleep on my phone which is warning me I was supposed to be awake an hour ago and m yneck has gone numb because I've been lying on it.


I get dressed into my shirt,skirt,tights and red and black tie, then I literally cake a tonne of makeup on my face, so to be exact that's: 2 foundaions 2 concealers 3eyeliners 3mascaras 1 moisturiser 2 bronzers 1 blusher 1 backcombing spray 2 hairsprays 1 heat protection spray 1 finishing polish and 1 lip gloss.


I don't eat breakfast because it makes me feel sick so therefore I leave the house on an empty stomach and get half way to the bus stop when I realise I've forgotten my phone becuas eI fell asleep on it and forgot about it because I was angry at it..After I've grabbed it from my room I leave the house again mumbling to myself "have I got this? yeh yeh oohh no wait I don't have that subject today.."  then I smile because I turn on my phone and see a funny picture of Andy Biersack  and BAMM!! I've walked into a wall 'cause I'm so smooth.


Moments later I arrive at the bus stop 20 minutes early for the bus and see Vic, Steph and Georgie (Wheway) who always manage to make me laugh, no matter how tired I am ;) I approach the bus whilst talking to Vic about some random crap and sit on the bus on my own listening to music like a loner because all my friends are too scared to sit upstairs because they’re scared of the 2nd years (3rd years now I suppose). After I walk to regi with Erin, completely ignoring everything she says, mainly because I’m absolutely unawair of my surrounding and am lucky If I manage not to walk into another wall.

When I arrive at regi of course it’s locked again because since Mrs Ogilvie’s on Maternity leave we get Mr Kenny  Paterson who STILL doesn’t have a key but I see Mhairi and Lucy etc, and chat for a bit, then Maddie arrives and I give her a hug and I talk to her about my “deep thoughts” whilst we elaborate on the definition of irony..(why?.. I.. I don’t know)

The bell rings and I go to class, for example I today I had-

P.E – got changed..went outside, Mr Paterson realised it was a 7 period day, went back and got changed again

Art- food and drink challenge…ugh

English- Mr Vanson..’nuff said

Music- played Thrift Shop on the glockenspiel  like a boss

Science- yayy Mrs Pearson :3.. or Miss .. whatever

Social Studies- Assembly ;)

Maths- coughed..died.

I got on the bus and sat on my own listening to music again whilst I stared out the window almost wishing I was thinking about something interesting but nooppeee, just “I wonder who’s on BGT the night? Is that wee comedian guy on, heh heh he was funny”.

Still listening to music I walk home with Steph and Lewis which normally goes like this :

L: Awright fggot/emo/gay boy/molzbalz/mollieeee?

M: Yeh pretty much faggot/gay boy/lulu/douchecanoe

S: *Expands on her day, including many opinions and comments like a normal person would do* and then makes some stupid face and noise that ruins it…

Get home, moan, eat, tumblr, sleep

And do it aaalll again in the mornin’ :3

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