LokiXReader: The realm in between

A new professor, the perfect day, a trick, and maybe... Just maybe a new Love?


1. New Professor

You started your day out like any other, your body hurt all over from your game the night before. Your team had won by only one point. You had played a strong offence but a stronger defense, though that did account for your sore muscles this morning. Three people had run into you knocking y flat on your ass a few times. You were sure you had a giant bruise by now. And all the running you had done didn't help your legs much.

You dragged yourself out of your dorm and into the shower not really wanting to move very fast today. You washed our hair with no real need to make it anymore than clean. A yo finished up your shower you glanced up at the clock realizing just how late it was already. Even though your first class was at eleven you had to run all the way across campus to get there. Oh joy more running...

You ran back into your room and quickly threw on you grabbed from your closet before throwing your back pack over your shoulder and rushing off to class. You burst through the class room doors thinking you were horribly late and Professor Spears was going to make you answer some extremely hard question about something completely unrelated to the of study that day. You ran to the front of the room and quickly took your seat before you noticed you were the only one in the room.

"oh..." You said as you felt your cheeks burn a bright red.

You decided to go over your notes before class began. By the clock on the wall you had about fifteen minutes, which was pretty standard for you. Mythology was your favorite class, even though you already had reached the credits you needed to graduate from the class and all your other classes. You had chosen to study the Occult as your major in college as it had been of a great interest of yours ever since your parents died when you were young. Your great grandmother had been the one to raise you, and even though the rest of your family had been strictly Catholic she was a firm believer in the ancient ways, as she often referred to her religion as. Most, however, called it Paganism.

She had taught you everything about each countries ancient religion, though you paid most attention to two in particular. The Roman and Norse faiths. You had even adopted them as your Gods. You loved to hear the tales of the Gods adventures. You always sat cross legged on the floor in awe as your great grandmother told you the tale of Loki's Wager. You always applauded Loki for his quick thinking and clever play on the bet.

"The Trickster must come in the night to bless you with a Silver tongue not unlike his own in the night while you sleep!"

You grandmother often said when you would tell her of the tricks and lies you often wove to get the better of people, She didn't scowled you for doing such things. 'The way of all children...' she had often said when people would question her ability to take proper care of you.

As you reminisced about your past you began to fall asleep. You thought of how you so often wished for your grandmothers words of your most beloved God coming to you in the night was true as your eyes grew too heavy to remain open and you fell asleep.

Now for those of you just arriving please take your seats so that we may begin reviewing the lesson plan for today I would be much obliged."

Your head shot straight up as a hand came down hard on the side of your desk jolting you awake. You quickly picked up a pencil and your notebook as to look like you were doing something.

"First we will go over the last chapter covered than go into the next on Japanese legends..." The professor was interrupted by a girl in the back of the class.

"Um, yeah where's Professor Spears?"

You looked up at the professor in front of the class. It was indeed not Professor Spears. The man before you wore a deep emerald green dress shirt, black trousers, black dress shoes shined to perfection, and a very satisfied smirk on his face. His shirt matched his eyes perfectly and you couldn't help but stare at in amazement. His eyes were like two perfectly cut emeralds that sparkled even in the dim light of the auditorium you sat in. His raven black hair was slicked back and curled up ever so slightly at the nape of his neck.

Yeah Defiantly not Professor Spears.

"Mr. Spears left on a personal matter. I am Mr. Laufeyson and I will be your Professor for the remainder of the semester. Now back to wha..." Again he was cut off.

"Isn't Laufeyson a Nordic name?" The guy next to you asked.

"Why yes yes it is." He answered calmly.

"So where exactly are you from?" Another girl asked.

"I am from America. My parents though were from Iceland and full blood Norse." Mr. Laufeyson said as he lend casually against his desk in a way that you could tell was making all the girls melt. You included.

As class went on it never really began as the class had a borage of questions for the new professor. Some about his life, others about his heritage, even a few about his social and sexual preferences which held an awkward note to it considering it came from one of the guys in the class. When the bell finally rang for class to end you all stood laughing a joke Mr. Laufeyson had made about some American tradition he had never fully understood.

"Well I suppose we'll pick up at the last chapter tomorrow. Have a good night everyone."

You had almost made it back to your dorm when you realized you had forgotten your note book back in Mythology.

"Good job (Y/N) the one thing you have to remember and you forget it..." You mumbled turning around to go retrieve it.   

You sprinted across campus back to the class room and slipped in unnoticed and walked up to where you had been sitting. No notebook.

You looked around the large room trying to find it when you saw Mr. Laufeyson's office light on. You walked over to the office to ask if he had seen your note book when you heard the faint sound of someone singing.

"Far over the misty mountains rise

Leave us standing upon the height

What was before we see once more

Is our kingdom a distant light  

The words unspoken, we'll be there soon

For home a song that echoes on

And all who find us will know the tune

Some folk we never forget

Some folk we never forgive

Haven't seen the back of us yet

We'll fight as long as we live"

You opened the door to find Mr. Laufeyson singing a song your grandmother had often sung to you when you would wak from a nightmare in the dead of the night.

"All eyes on the hidden door

To the lonely mountain borne

We'll ride the gathering storm

Until we get out long forgotten gold..." You sang in response to Mr. Laufeyson's pause.

"You know the song?" He asked giving you a dazzling smile of pure white teeth.

"Of course... My grandmother taught it to me when I was a little kid." You answered meekly. 


"Um I didn't mean to interrupt you... I just um... came for my notebook." You said stuttering slightly.

"Oh so it was your notebook I found earlier!" He said smiling as he got up to retrieve it from the shelf above your head.

He was so close you could feel the warmth of his body and the smell his scent. It was wonderful, he smelled like a man was supposed to smell like. Musk and a cool winter breeze that made you shiver.

"Here you are,"

As he spoke you were ripped from you silent admiration of him.

"Oh... Thank you." You said taking the book from his hands.

He began to walk leading you toward the door making polite conversation as you both ascended the stairs to the door leading out into the hallway. You tripped on the last step and began to fall backwards. You waited for your head to make contact with the stairs behind you but the only thing you hit was the strong chest of the teacher behind you.

You felt his strong arms come around you as you fell against him pushing you closer to his well sculpted chest. He felt warn and the way his arms fit around you made you want to fall into him more often. You looked up at him feeling a flash of heat rush to your cheeks.

"I-I'm so sorry..." You rushed to face him tripping backwards yet again.

His arms wrapped around your waist again to keep your head from connecting with the stairs beneath you. He was so close you could feel his breath on your neck.

"Perhaps I should just carry you up the stairs you install a ramp so you are no longer in danger of tripping and smacking your head against the stairs." He said smirking.

Damn it why did he have to be so fucking hot when he smirked like that you thought as your cheeks heated up again.

"Um... Thank you for helping me... And for the notebook."  You stammered as you stood up again and headed back to your dorm.

"For a mortal she is certainly very entertaining." Loki said smiling as he returned to his office.

He had purposefully taken her notebook to meet her in person and talk to her for just a moment or two.

"I think she may be just the one I need for my little 'experiments'." Loki leaned back in his chair smirking.

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