When the Closed Door Opened. (Niall Horan)

I'm just a normal, 17 year old Directioner. I have a great family, a perfect best friend, and a boy friend of three years that I love. I live a normal life, just blending in. Until one day everything changes. One door closed with the past, and another opened with my future.


1. Normal Day.

Taylor's POV:

*Alarms Sounds*

I sigh as I hit down on my alarm. 6:00 on a Monday morning, wonderful. I stand and stretch before slowly dragging my feet as I walk to my radio and plug my iPod in. After picking the perfect song to start the day, "Live While We're Young" I make my way to my closet and I pull out a pair of jeans shorts that come down to my knee, a light blue tank top, and my favorite pair of blue sanuks. After getting dressed, I continue to the bathroom where I dance around as I brush my long and wavy light brown hair. I see my bright light blue eyes shining in the mirror as I study the bags under my eyes after not getting much sleep over the weekend. I rush back to my room, grabbing my book bag, and jacket as I go to the kitchen to grab a water and poptarts before leaving for school. This was the beginning of a brand new day, and a brand new life.

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